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Operation Northwoods

I never heard about this before, but this is insane. It turns out that during the cold war were willing to commit terrorism on their own citizens to start a war with Cuba. This goes beyond Gulf of Tonkin or USS MAINE levels of falseflagging without killing anyone innocent.

This is the kind of shit people can do when they accept collateral damage and decide upon pure utilitarianism. Having heard about this, I can better understand how the 9/11 truthers reached their conclusions.


You know how that sociopath actor from Empire faked a hate crime? It’s the same level of madness. The drive to fight a perceived  monster with every tool you have can turn you into a monster. And if you listen to the military industrial complex they’ll always force you into more stupid wars, and then truth will be sacrificed.


This study says 83% of church funding doesn’t go to charity but to administrative expenses. I haven’t looked at it closely, but I am not surprised. This is why I think there need to be taxes, because private charity just dissent work.

New discovery: Trump’s grandfather was a lowclass crook too

Corruption runs in the Trump family: Trump’s grandfather made his fortune running a brothel. You can’t make this shit up.

His son the family savings into cozing up to corrupt politicians and the mafia, so he could make competitive bids on to build overpriced section 8 housing that banned black tenants in seedy Brooklyn. His son Donald Trump made his fortune laundering money to the Russian mafia, which is how Russia compromised him, (according toe the story in the new book, “House of Trump.”)

I wonder what NATO should have done to prevent the advent of Putin?

I remember back in the 1990’s when history books and articles ended the cold war on a triumphant tone. There was a widespread expectation among victorious Americans that when Russia switched from a command economy to capitalism Russia would be forced to become a democracy. Many liberals and libertarians believed their economy would catch up, and then there would be shared interests that would cause them to become allies to NATO, and possibly against China. But of course Russia failed to change, and we must lay some of the blame on NATO for failing to coax Russia in a different direction when Mikhail Gorbachev was the leader of Russia.

What could America have done to prevent the advent of Boris Yeltsin, the corrupt oligarchy, and then Vladimir Putin in Russia? It’s clear that America didn’t finish off the wicked dragon when it was beading on the ground, and the consequence is a resurgent Russia.

Retort: You can’t show Trump is a Secret Philanthropist -letter

If you paid attention to the election campaigns you would have seen multiple examples of Trump donating thousands of dollars & arranging for more resources for people caught in floods & other natural disasters for a start. He went to the sites to personally see the conditions. Much of that could be attributed to political publicity, but Hillary never did either. During the campaign many examples of Trumps personal philanthropy were exposed. He was said to keep these private to avoid publicity. This can be believed or not as anyone chooses. In addition, his businesses had avenues established for charity & community resources which weren’t his personally, but supported by him. One example of , in my opinion, nasty backlash, was the forcing of Jared Kushner to shut down his organization devoted to helping St. Jude’s hospital before he could take his new job in Trumps administration. That fall out only caused problems for really sick kids & their families.
I think if you are so disenchanted w life in the US, you should take aggressive action to find a place & life you want to live. What’s the point of continuing to live in a way that seems to cause you such discomfort?  I want only the best for you. I don’t think your current lifestyle is what’s best for you. Love, and God Bless

I sincerely doubt your St. Jude claim needs to be investigated, from what you have said it sounds like he was dismissed because a conflict of interest, and by any case it isn’t even Trump but someone affiliated with him. Even if it were true someone lost a few hundred thousand dollars of even a bit more, it would change nothing material. We are talking about a multi-billionaire so the standards are much higher. I would at least like to see that he has donate billions like a Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. It hasn’t happened and I can’t buy into the idea he is a Bruce Wayne who does plays a knight like some Batman in the dark when he is so blatantly egoistical even by nouveau riche standards and brands his name on everything he does during the day. Unless it can be shown he has split personality psychosis, that is a very large unsubstantiated claim, and the self-aggrandizing propaganda he puts out never stops, and his base simply echo his words.

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Trump and the Ice Skating Rink – Letter

I heard some propaganda about that ice rink you mentioned which you thought Trump fixed for charity, and this seems to be the real story that sets the record straight. It was for publicity because he had no name at the time, plus he was paid to do, it and wanted to build a restaurant next to the rink but was denied. He hasn’t done anything related to philanthropy since then–not that I know of anyway, and I tried multiple times to find something before he got elected.

Seriously, Trump’s fans are desperate to hold up their champion because if they lose faith in their him, they will have no hope. After all, their political philosophy is broken and they have no one else to turn to. I certainly don’t consider this to be a great charitable thing worth trumpeting about.

mar-a-largo corruption

The US owned this property but gave it up because they didn’t want to pay taxes. Trump bought it for 8 million by threatening to build an ugly property on the beach in front of it that would block the view, and has made millions off of it, and he turned it into a nouveau riche private club that requires a 200,000 USD admission fee, and 14 K annually. People who join are rejects to the older private clubs of the area that reject blacks and Jews, and he profits from the egotistical kind of porky.

He will have met Xi and has met the Japanese PM here. He didn’t disclose who he meets there and who influences him until forced by a new act of congress to release his club list and logs of who meets him on his property. Even the Republican insiders in his party didn’t trust him and want to know who the fuck he is meeting.

h ttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mar-a-Lago

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Random Endless June Finds

Cult simulator tycoon would be fun, I hope they finish making this game.


The church of Christ Science is hilarious. At one time 400 thousand people believed in faith healing. All you needed was to believe and have willpower and you would be healed and not die. They therefore regularly refused medical treatment, because doctors make you think pessimistic thoughts which make you more sick. Thankfully, this cult is literally dying out.

“Nowhere in the bible does it say that Jesus was not a raptor.”



Wow this is insane. The Catholic church used to forbid possession of bibles. Or at least bibles translated from Latin. Wouldn’t want anyone to become educated enough to contradict the laity.

Catholics belong in the hell of their creation. There’s no way their church, led by a God that suppresses learning, is the true church of anything.


Christian parents commonly kick Atheist kids out of their homes.