Great things about Sweden

I now think Sweden is a model country, that’s comparatively better to live in than the US.  It and the neighboring countries are models of what democratic socialism could do in for this country if our population studied them fairly and weren’t content to be incredibly ignorant about other countries. Some things I’ve discovered.


  • Higher GDP per capita ($60k)
  • Sweden’s debt is 40% of GDP, versus over 100% for the US.
  • Sweden has about 6 or 7 political parties, ranging across the spectrum versus our 2. They encompassing different democratic socialism ideals and the Green Party, (plus the Pirate party, lol) which allows you to vote with breadth on issues, and to vote for an ideal while sidestepping any parties that become corrupted.
  • Sweden has a far lower income inequality
  • Sweden has more educated people
  • Swedes speak multiple languages well and are often decent writers
  • Swedes are independent
  • Sweden is by far more likely to be rational and atheist
  • Democratic socialism means some of the longest paid maternity leaves
  • Lower corruption perceptions index
  • Higher freedom indexes
  • Higher
  • Scandinavian countries make it easy to move across borders
  • Swedes have been and are significantly less prejudiced towards the lgbt than Americans
  • Maintained wilderness huts make it easy and safe to go camping without paying “rent” to landholders.
  • Low violence (they have gun control)
  • More reasonable age of consent (15)
  • Relaxed nudity taboos
  •  CP: Presumed illegal in Sweden prior to 1971. Legal from 1971–1980. (Wiki) Later made illegal to download or view. Loli was established as legal by their Supreme Court in 2012. (See case–there were no irrational Britons to skew rationality.)

About the only thing I know I don’t like is most of them are for more fundamentalist Muslim refugees coming in even though they’re 6% Muslim already,  stance on Muslims, (and maybe they’re letting the dogma of feminism turn women into entitled bitches with superiority complexes.) Liberalism does take missteps sometimes. Still, on the whole I trust progressive ideologies vastly more than the nostalgic conservatives or reactionaries.


You can see Sweden scores high, but remember that the WVS association and secretariat is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s easy to score so high when they judge the rest of the world by their values.



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