Mgtow or no fap?

(Not my post, but amusing as fuck. I should probably support the MGTOW.)

ever notice how the people who design the system are hypocrites? ever since the beginning they pretend to be so big on seperation of church and state, yet going to a church and getting married automatically locks you in to a game (with some financial benefits, and later financial nightmares) that you will always lose.

this society also brainwashes many women into being predator mates like the praying mantis.

>find a male mate

>make babies

>whoops I just need to literally bite your head off now k thnkx bai ;^)

as you can clearly see this is unacceptable and unfair.

nofap threads are like a bunch of idiots jerking each other off at an AA meeting.

>hello everyone my name is hurfffff and I didn’t durffff for a whole turrrrf

*everybody claps*

>hello I’m anon and I’m just here because an sjw told me to check it out, I like fapping and I would like to know why you think it’s bad? can you give me any facts?

>no, but we will shame you and try to get you to hate yourself for something that even horses and dolphins do.

I have literally never seen anyone in a nofap thread ever give anyone a single real reason that wasn’t an appeal to emotion as to any real benefit of not fapping.

think about it:

>prostitution is illegal in the us.

>they also always joke about floating the idea of banning porn in politics at least once a year.

>they’re on the internet trying to convince you to not fap and feel very guilty and very bad when you do.

they are poorly attempting (and failing) to funnel everyone down a path that is a trap, leading everyone to believe that they have no other options and have no outlet for their “needs” until they freak out and break the law and do something awful, or start dating and get married to a gold digger who will eat healthy and stay in shape right until they get married and then turn into a parasitic land whale and fuck them in court and ruin their life, and that’s not even taking kids into consideration.

that’s how they want to make us “lose” but knowing what we know, this isn’t working like they want it to so they invented nofap. spread this information everywhere. nofap is exposed, and instantly defeated.

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