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Penisology: AKA The benefits of testosterone

There are correlations between having a dick and being rational. Maybe this next part hasn’t been proven, maybe it’s currently being proven, but a positive correlation for Testosterone is likely.

What we do know is that testosterone levels decline with age, which correlates with stupid, grumpy, and stubborn old grandpa. Testosterone calms you down which is important for clear thought; we’ve proven it reduces anxiety by injecting male and female mice with two doses of it: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4330791/

Science is wonderful, but there are still many unanswered questions in dick science. What genes affect dick length and pleasure, and can we know how to genetically engineer a change in vitro? Can we know why are masculine women and transsexuals so angry, and why do they want to destroy all dicks? Did testerosterone deficiency cause Sam Harris to decide to go to India to get a sex change? Because there is no reliable way to prove Sam Harris has a dick over the Web, I consider myself agnostic, as with the other questions.

The sooner we invent artificial wombs and genetic engineering , the sooner we can use eugenics to eliminate women from the population so that rationality will dominate. If we do ever get gay conversion therapy to work and you’re a man, please consider having it done because you’re more likely to find an attractive atheist with a high IQ who unfortunately happens to be a male.
Sexism is a construct right? Look at what it’s done to the confidence of 7 year old girls.
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Sexism is a construct. Look at what it’s done to the confidence of 7 year old girls.
And since this is an atheism blog, God is also a construct. I can demonstrate you’re stupid with a meta analysis, but if you’re a theist you’d be too dumb to read it.

Good is also just a social construct that results from religious entitlement and prejudice.


Gay atheists have it good

I personally think I would have been happier if I were gay. Allow me to explain: atheists are significantly more likely to be men, and gays are significantly more likely to be atheists. Therefore I believe it would be easier to find people I agree with if I were gay.

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Transgendered Restrooms are a Spook

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So North and South Carolina are creating laws to keep transgendered from using the woman’s bathroom. Arguments from transgendered: we don’t want to be harassed in the men’s bathroom. Arguments from most women: We don’t want to be raped by men pretending to be transgendered.

Doesn’t this sound like a spook? I see no logical reason why we can’t we all use the same bathrooms? Yeah it might seem weird, but you’d rapidly become accustomed to the sound of the other sex pissing next to you, or grooming in the mirror. Think about how much money we could save too on fewer toilets – you wouldn’t have one bathroom with a long line while the other was short due to poor planning or cyclical gender imbalances at a convention.

Or just make bathrooms unisex? This archaic separation is now as arbitrary as white and black bathrooms. Or is it that women want to preserve their special muh privileges, and to be able to tell a guy you don’t belong here. Who can use a male toilet? Kids of either gender, transgenders, and women who say the line is too long, the toilet is broken, or they want to give their bf a bj in a stall. I think women are more likely to throw a fuss if a man uses a toilet than the reverse.

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“No fun allowed.”