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Intelligent Design vs God’s boring biillion

boring billion

Here’s some more evidence against Jesus being the son of God. God didn’t do shit for a boring billion years. All he did was click “skip next turn” 50-100 times, like a bored 4X gamer playing a new game of “Civilization” without scouts on a small island. Maybe he sent Jesus to rescue other planets for 4 billion years and then came here once when we had sorta grown up? I don’t know about you, but a game where you don’t interact sounds very boring to me.

Point is that God didn’t care about saving bacteria from stagnant boredom, and/or God is boring. And then we had mass extinctions of bacteria, ‘cas he didn’t care and/or realized he had “designed” too many similar kinds. Like an autist who thought bacteria would be fun to slowly design for a billion years, rather than working on a human civilization.

To think God only started caring about life 2,000 years ago and then stopped giving us messages is silly. But then again, I’m not boring enough to understand God’s mysteriously boring ways.

Btw, I have discovered Christopher Hitchens is a far more elegant writer than I,and he mocked the indifference of heaven in a humorous speech that is worth memorizing: