God damned trillions of aliens from outer space to hell



I think I rambled a bit and muddied up the main point, (sorry about that.) I am actually an Atheist, and I appreciate your nuggets, so let me rewrite that in fewer words. (What I wrote was a form of the old argument that it’s not fair of God to damn the Native Americans, who weren’t even allowed to learn of the gospels for for over a thousand years. I just transferred the argument into outer space to make the argument especially ad absurdum.)

I’ll try (clumsily) to break the main argument into short statements.

1) If there is other intelligent life in the universe,
2) Then there could be millions of other sentient creatures that are even more deserving of salvation than our species.
3) So it is hard to believe that God would send his only son to this planet.

4) Furthermore, humans have not crossed the vastness of space to convert any aliens to Christianity
5) Therefore, many aliens have already been damned to hell for their sins

That’s the outcome in the Christian world-view if we meet any aliens. It would not be an appealing belief to them, and might even cause a crisis of faith on Earth. If we do make first-contact with them, and the aliens had their own religion, then the Pope would probably still try and find a way to preserve Christianity as the true religion, even though that would mean baptizing aliens.

Some believe it’s unlikely for sentient life to evolve elsewhere. However, there are 100 billion galaxies, (see pictures here), and the universe could have billions of years of potential evolution. Therefore, it’s reasonable to suppose some planets have sentient life. Or they once had life. Alien life would make it even more contradictory that God thought we were so special that he sent his only son to save us, and then forget about saving the other species. (Or that Earth was created first for that matter.)

I’m just enjoying looking for absurdities in Christian thinking, and I don’t actually believe in any religions anymore.

Thanks for the useful Timothy quote. I actually consider Catholic apologists to be more difficult to debate with than Protestants, because I was a Protestant, and Catholics are more immune to cognitive dissonance when they see contradictions in the bible. The foundation they rest upon is a little different, because they put their faith in the church instead of the bible. (I also find it fun to see how Mormon theology and Universalism have partly dodged the complications of damnation.

P.S. There’s a game that simulates how big the universe is, called space engine. It’s a lot like Google Earth but for Astronomy. Somewhere beyond all of that, a personal deity particularly cares about life on this insignificant planet.

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