Make your own goddess posts -thread

My cult would worship an eternal goddess who will come to save us all by providing advanced technology and giving herself to us for perpetual fucking. (She would either be an alien, or a time-traveling demigod from an civilized future.) She would modify our bodies to last longer, be healthier, and she would make our brains smarter. She would heal us of our illnesses, mend our hearts, and give anyone the chance to form a happy home. She would defend good people, and provide the virtuous with more chances for advancement. She would use her great power to separate evil people without resorting to violence, or condemning them to burn in hell for all eternity.

My goddess would also be a fun-loving, singer, rocker, dancer, and explorer. At the same time she would be down to earth, friendly, and approachable, and would love to debate people. She would not desire to be worshipped as a God, but would want to earn the right to be loved as human. She would see caring for humans as her moral duty. She would also rather be treated as a friend, say someone’s lover or older sister, rather than put on a pedestal and called a savior. She would not as selfish or barbaric as the gods of mainstream religons. She would prefer to not meddle in human affairs without consent except for 1) good works or 2) harmless mischief

She would be a loving god we could all look up to, as the ideal free-spirited, but compassionate human we should all be. That’s my god.


I had an idea a couple years back to create a sect of Christianity called Leviticanism. The idea would be that the religion is based only on the book of Leviticus, ignoring the rest of the bible. Adherents have to follow all the silly rules like no shellfish or mixed fabrics and whatnot or be excommunicated. The only exception would be the rules on sexual orientation and the excuse would be “All these other things are lifestyle choices. You can’t control how you’re born.”
Lain, Madoka.
You guys are a bunch of clowns making up bullshit about stuff that doesn’t matter. Sure you can “reason” from some presuppositions, but you can also presuppose that Star Trek is not a TV show and get into a lot of arguments about that, too.

On that note I’m open to sharing an old fanfic that I wrote. My fanfic explains how the world you know was actually created by a horny Japanese school girl. If you just pause to accept my premise as valid FIRST, everything I say later will make sense. My example is much more beautiful than anything science will tell you, and when you read it you will feel strong emotions emanating from your dick. Emotions you won’t feel from reading academic journals. These emotions are just another proof that I have stumbled upon the truth, so if I provide a link, follow me.
Shut up Asuka not even baka Shinji cares.


Shinji might be a lukewarm Catholic, but I have wrote him out of my orgastic story. I promise my fanfic will be hotter than reading the bible. It will be more arousing than reading any other religious text, which is proof God approves of my creation above all others. Believe in Asuka and accept her as your savior, and you and your household will be saved.
still waiting on the sexy

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