My views are subject to change. As of this writing they are as follows:

General Political Views:


-For progressive taxation

-For mixed-Socialism

-For political platform reform

-Prefer small corprations over large ones (reduces monopolies and corruption, globally.)

-Free speech over civility

-Against schengen agreement (it’s not working)

-Against Sharia law in Western countries


-Originally against it. The problems in Europe are making me inclined towards thinking its temporary necessary to protect civilization, and that competition might be useful. Someday we can eliminate it along with the worst aspects of capitalism.

-for personal prejudice

-but for empathy and giving the benefit of the doubt

-against exhibiting prejudice, or allowing prejudice in the law

-(except for Muslims! They’re irrational and the only truly dangerous minority.)


Due Process:

For the rule of law

Against Guantanamo

Against torture (it’s not even effective)

Against a bloated military-industrial complex

Ambivalent to international spying

Against domestic wiretapping

For judicial activism (it’s a check on the legislature)

Attracted to legal realism and similar models

Against prosecuting thought crime

Morally against prosecuting victimless crime



Wavering on whether democracy works. It would work better if people were more educated, and total democracy were allowed, and rule of law were enforced. (To prevent witch trials, mob rule, and kangaroo courts.) Egalitarianism and mixed-socialism may then result.

For large countries full of idiots, elitism and a republic might be a necessary evil

Against any oligarchy that destroys the rule of law.

Tentatively for popular referendum (as a check on the oligarchy, and a tenant of total democracy)




-DiY is fun

-Don’t keep up with the Jones

-Learn, write or seek experiences instead

-Apathy is beneficial. (Political activism is usually a waste of time, and a dumb proletariat should voluntarily avoid voting and canceling out the vote of someone objective who has done more research on the best candidate.)


-Against drugs & harmful mind-altering substances

-Weakly against wasteful consumption (because of thriftiness)

-City life is more stimulating than life in the countryside even for a loner

-Theoretically open to bisexuality


On Gender/Sexuality:

-Fuck Feminazis (you are irrational)

-For Trans acceptance (as an experiment)

-For more diverse fashion for both genders (including cross-dressing)

-For sexual liberation

-Weakly for Gamergate

-For sex/violence in games and in the media



On laws that regulate bedroom activities:

-For divorce

-For enabling open relationships, but only by mutual consent in a truly transparent environment

-For regulated prostitution (for STD checks)

-Tentatively for allowing public nudity (as an experiment)


On Gender/Sexuality (continued):

-Sympathetic to Men’s Rights

-For less discrimination against men

-Weakly against circumcision



-Against high age of consents

-Against early abstinence

-For contraceptives, abortion

-For early sexual education



Having a child:

-Against unless my life was totally in order

-Would rather wait to find a better match than randomly hook up with someone

-Prefer a girl

-Prefer fewer children (for more peace of mind, and quality time)

-Equivocate adoption to having your own



-Egalitarian conception preferred, except by consent

-Would want someone who is flexible enough to roleplay

-Intelligent. Ideally a non-crazy writer, scientist or creative person.

-Willing to dress to my tastes at times, in exchange for the same favor.

-Ideally physically fit. (Shows drive and confidence.)

-Ideally humble, and self-reliant


-Not a frigid prude

-Not manipulative or a leach

-Not unhealthy (for practical reasons)



General Childrearing Plans:

-Relatively strict

-Raise a skeptic

-Must devote time to helping the child learn. You can do this by setting a good example and learning yourself about what you want your child to learn.

-Don’t confuse spending time with your child with raising your child.

-Spend time with your child, but don’t spoil your child.

-Try to make the kid half of what I want to be, while encouraging the other half to follow its own innate nature. (I might fight with my spouse and half to settle for under a quarter of the desired influence though!)

-Encourage the kid to be more focused and disciplined than me.

-Keep kid from having my pitfalls. Remember to be aware the child will need to find solutions to her own unique pitfalls.

-Encourage child to early maturity. (More wisdom becomes readily available through an abridged childhood.)

-Encourage child to early sexuality

-Encourage child to be be sociable, and have social graces, but encourage child to be immune to peer pressure.

-Encourage child to be fine with being a loner when appropriate. (Stress having confidence in your own individuality, or you will regret conforming later. School doesn’t matter; try not to care about what people say about you. )

-Promise to allow child to change schools, or even be homeschooled for a year if picked on, etc, for being themself. Stress there is no shame in admitting to being bullied.



-Encourage child to be a bookworm

-Discourage child from excessively playing video games while solitary

-Throw out the television except on rare occasion

-Encourage child to take walks while being aware of surroundings?

-Restrict child from going out Mon-Thursday. Allow it on Friday. Force child to learn more than what’s being taught at school, but allow at least a couple of hours of freedom everyday.

-Become a tutor yourself rather than forcing the kid to learn from a stranger. Remember not to overwork the kid.


Teaching a child:

-Encourage child to learn mythologies (to help break down the God delusion.)

-Fight magical thinking early on.

-Encourage the child to learn science. Focus on it while they’re young and more malleable.

-Encourage child to learn a foreign language. (Unfortunately time is limited, and the child might later regret their choice of language.)

-Ideally move to another country to make language acquisition easier.

-Be patient while they read fiction as a child, because they have to learn how to read first.

-Then encourage them to read harder non-fiction books, like philosophy as a teenage. Stimulate interest by regularly asking them about what they read, and what they learned, and taking a real interest. Contribute your own ideas and research, to encourage them to go further, and do more research.


-2015 draft