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Using godly names for mundane things

A friend was out walking and he heard a guy say, “Stop it Zeus! Come here!” and this little terrier stopped sniffing dog piss or whatever and trotted over with its tongue lolling. I’d rather name my dog Yahweh or Jesus and be a lord that barks commands to it in front of theists.

If I have a daughter Asherah or Lilith would be an appropriate name. My son would be Alastor, Ares, or Susanou. My cat would be Sphinx, Nemesis, Lucifer. Or I might just keep it consistent and name all my kids after Egyptian gods. It beats keeping the tradition of recycling Hebrew names for regular humans like Adam, Issac, Jacob, Josh, Peter, Michael and Luke.

We should appropriate all the religious words we can to remove their holiness. Amen just means I agree so use it in debates. Try to use Jesus Christ as a swear word so it replaces “bullshit” in future slang. Using God’s name “in vain” evokes the same irrationality as saying Voldemort’s name in Harry Potter. We have to use the words often to get over these stupid taboos.

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Beware of those that limit free speech for civility – letter

To the new administrator,
I would be very careful about creating rules to limit free speech in the name of civility. Frankly your opening post already scares me and makes me think you could have latent autocratic tendencies.

Let me tell you a story about the last fetish forum I was a member of. It was an old site that had a focus on themes such as homosexuality. The trouble started when it promoted a sensitive European to an administrator position, and the first danger sign was when he wrote two pages of forum rules. Mind you he had no need to do this because the board had no problems with trolls.

He admitted to having autism, and it became obvious he was serious when he punished/warned/censored anyone who was sarcastic, because he literally couldn’t tell when people were serious or not. English wasn’t his first language, and he took any metaphors, biting remarks, irony, humor, or jabs as inappropriate insults. He then cited the rules he’d written as justification for bans, even though the forum had tolerated free speech for five years before that.

The new administrator saw disagreement as unhealthy, and tried to moderate everything, (he justified everything with the word “civility.”) He was used to living in a very sheltered, politically correct world. Continue reading Beware of those that limit free speech for civility – letter