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Thunderf00t destroys climate change denier

Well, Thunderf00t did a good job of showing global warming is real and a danger. I liked his section where he pointed at Venus and showed climate change deniers can’t explain how hot that planet is if greenhouse gasses don’t cause global warming. That has also been my default way of ripping the deniers apart.


Don’t take Steven Milloy the founder of Burnmorecoal.com seriously, he’s a lying piece of shit just like most of the pundits on Fox News.

A response to when Catholics defend the Galileo and the backwardness of the Middle Ages

Pause to remember the Renaissance which means “rebirth” in French. Christians couldn’t draw, everything was flat 2D because they were focused on their inner spiritual world rather than the external world, and if Christianity were instrumental for progress then we would have advanced sooner within those 1000 years without needing to dig up ancient knowledge from the Greeks (and Romans.) We rediscovered old art and that is when we learned the techniques of foreshadowing and 2 point perspective which had been lost for a thousand years, and then only after reading ancient Greek philosophy were we ready for a scientific method, because Christian thought was always an obstacle. The moment science expanded from neutral topics and started to contradict the Catholic church and its dogma, the church fought back and then you had Galileo’s arrest and other heresy trials.

Ancient Greece was always a more advanced civilization than the most Christian countries that have ever existed during the Dark/Middle Ages because they had a freer spirit of inquiry. It’s a terrible thing when Christianity fights our values, and then when it loses it tries to claim credit for them. DarkMatter2525 made a video about that, titled “The theft of our values.”

A response to when Catholics defend the Galileo and the backwardness of the Middle Ages

You can’t say there was stagnation in the Middle Ages, because Christianity invented the crossbow

Funny how the first examples that you thought of were advancements in weapon technology. Yes, it’s natural for you to think of those because the Middle Ages were a barbaric time full of strife, sectarian violence and holy wars, as during the time when we were the closest to following God’s holy word. That was when we thought about the God and Jesus the most, and followed the bible the more strictly than at any other time in history. The result for Europe was close to hell on Earth, with disease, widespread illiteracy, superstition run amok, systems that perpetuated injustice, anti-Antisemitism, serfdom, disenfranchised women, and the Inquisition.

Now we would expect there to be some technological advances in a thousand years anywhere, but the question is why there wasn’t much more of it during that very Christian time period, and then why did it suddenly change? I don’t think it’s coincidental that when we found ancient knowledge during the Renaissance it triggered a Scientific Revolution. There is something about Greek thought and even its religion with all of the lazy gods which allows for freer thought than Christian monotheism.

Monarchs and elites helped by pushing back against the church; had they not done that then the new printing presses would have printed bibles and theological treatises which were what the handful of literate people (monks) had cared about for centuries. A division of power between church and state helped literate geniuses to communicate and spread revolutionary discoveries when they were separated by hundreds of miles, (and also allowed aristocrats to shield dissidents like Martin Luther who could further weaken the Catholic hegemony.)

Fundamentalist Christianity looked just like Fundamentalist Islam in the Middle East today, but how often do you hear about new scientific discoveries coming out of the Middle East? Their greatest technological advancements today involve breeding camels. If we hadn’t pushed back against the church, then we still would be where the Islamic world is right now, stuck in the 7th century during the 21st century.

It’s no coincidence that the period when we most strictly adhered to Christianity was a time when we fell backward so far that we forgot how to make concrete for one thousand years. Yes, the Romans knew how to do it, and they built the Roman Pantheon with it in 125 AD, and then shortly after most of the population embraced Christianity we lost the technology and literally forgot how to make cement for one thousand years. In fact, I was told when I took Art History at college that we never found the same exact recipe and to this day we still can’t make the same strong concrete in the way that the Romans did at the Pantheon.

I wish to ask you only out of amazed curiosity–whether you feel any embarrassment at arguing in the defense of groups of people who owe you no loyalty and who would absolutely kill you at the drop of a hat if they were still around? Do you really think the Inquisition, or the guys running the Salem witch trials in early Colonial America could be trusted to not back-stab you and be your allies? If not then why on Earth do you think you’re in the right when you try to revise history to defend the actions of such detestable people?

Take the pope, you say he met Galileo. Wonderful, let’s imagine how that might have happened in context.

Galileo wanted to publish a book that contradicted the church’s teachings about an Earth-centered universe. The Pope agrees to meets him, hears his idea and is impressed and says, “Well that sounds like a great idea. I will mandate it and make it the only belief you’re allowed to have.” Galileo then says, “Well that sounds very nice of you, but no thank you, that kind of misses the point.”

Like I said, don’t you feel any embarrassment when your internet posts shield people who banned thousands of books? Or a religious organization that banned the laity from owning a bible for centuries to prevent contradictions or biblical criticism, because it would weaken the authority of the priests?

Don’t you value the free speech that allows you to write what you’re writing on the internet? It seems clear to me that you keep two sets of books, and whenever you walk into a room to argue about religion you leave the book with critical thinking at the door. Religion comes to us with a smiley face and an ingratiating form, but you have no right to forget how it was when it was strong before it lost its claws.

Penisology: AKA The benefits of testosterone

There are correlations between having a dick and being rational. Maybe this next part hasn’t been proven, maybe it’s currently being proven, but a positive correlation for Testosterone is likely.

What we do know is that testosterone levels decline with age, which correlates with stupid, grumpy, and stubborn old grandpa. Testosterone calms you down which is important for clear thought; we’ve proven it reduces anxiety by injecting male and female mice with two doses of it: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4330791/

Science is wonderful, but there are still many unanswered questions in dick science. What genes affect dick length and pleasure, and can we know how to genetically engineer a change in vitro? Can we know why are masculine women and transsexuals so angry, and why do they want to destroy all dicks? Did testerosterone deficiency cause Sam Harris to decide to go to India to get a sex change? Because there is no reliable way to prove Sam Harris has a dick over the Web, I consider myself agnostic, as with the other questions.

The sooner we invent artificial wombs and genetic engineering , the sooner we can use eugenics to eliminate women from the population so that rationality will dominate. If we do ever get gay conversion therapy to work and you’re a man, please consider having it done because you’re more likely to find an attractive atheist with a high IQ who unfortunately happens to be a male.
Sexism is a construct right? Look at what it’s done to the confidence of 7 year old girls.
a feminist is someone.jpg
Sexism is a construct. Look at what it’s done to the confidence of 7 year old girls.
And since this is an atheism blog, God is also a construct. I can demonstrate you’re stupid with a meta analysis, but if you’re a theist you’d be too dumb to read it.

Good is also just a social construct that results from religious entitlement and prejudice.

Drugs for operant conditioning

Here is a question. Would you consider it ethical to give high-dopamine drug to kids that was highly addictive, and then only allow them more if they studied science hard and passed tests?

Drugs could be a great motivator if used for positive reinforcement, rather than creating sex addicts in erotica stories. Just imagine how many kids could become accomplish great things if a benevolent university administered drugs which could only be attained there.

Einstein was misrepresented as a Pantheist


It’s irritating how commonly Einstein is badly misrepresented, including on wikipedia where he is called a Pantheist. When you dig into it, he only said he believed in Spinoza’s god (a sort of permeating natural order) because it was so politically dangerous to be an Atheist in those days, and he was concerned with how he as a public figure would affect Jews in their plight with the Nazis. He repeatedly says in private letters he is an Atheist, or agnostic, but distances himself from militant Atheists because he believes that some people still need religion.

This is my informed opinion after reading several letters of his over the years, and there is a wonderful blog that rebukes all the myths which is worth a read:


(See more:)

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The Big Picture


 This observatory had constructed the world’s biggest panorama of stars on the wall from blowing up a small section of the sky that cross sections the Virgil super cluster. Every dot is a galaxy or a star, and there are 1 million astronomical objects in a picture several hundred meters long. To illustrate that this was still a small part of the sky, in a section of a Constellation, they had a statue of Einstein covering the sky with his index finger to approximate about how little this blown up picture takes up in the night sky. It’s incredible that thousands of kids and their parents must walk through that exhibit daily and remain theists. It’s insane to think all of those moving stars and planets are a waste; why not just construct a dome over the Earth if God only cared about a tiny sliver of land in the Middle East?Supposedly the area was once an important place for astronomy and had groundbreakingly large telescopes a hundred years ago. Fast forward and there was supposed to be be a meteor shower, but I couldn’t see anything because of all the city lights. Sometimes I would think I saw a shooting star, or just a star in general, and then I realized it had to be a plane, helicopter or satelite. There was nothing else. The cloudless sky was completely black. How is our urbanized society going to get fulfillment s of doomsday prophecies to laugh at when groups like the Mormons and Jehova’s Witness won’t see the ceiling falling and raining fire

(Lenoids meteor shower of 1833.)

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It’s endless sentitent particles – unfounded thread

I like this idea. We could all be like an atom….no, smaller than an atom in a bigger universe. Like maybe we are an insignificant sentient particle in some guy’s body. Or in the shit he flushes down the toilet, and we don’t even know it. Maybe every particle within us contains its own universe, full of sentinent beings and every single thing is made of infinite sentient sub-particles.

Makes life and the existance of things feel more significant.image