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Dad Arrested for Breaking Traffic Laws While Rushing Daughter to Hospital; Nurses Bond Him Out

Illinois dad arrested for breaking traffic laws while rushing daughter to hospital; nurses bond him out

This is why we need universal healthcare. It’s not “good news.”

Secular Talk:”McConnell Nukes The Filibuster To Approve Far-Right Judges”

Republicans are utter hypocrites as usual, and driven entirely by a lust for power and wealth. I’m starting to like Kyle Kulinski more. I’m often fed up with the NYT/ the Alantic for consistently attacking Sanders and the DSA.

(And a number of conservative/”centrist” new atheists too. It’s pretentious to call yourself a centrist like Sam Harris as though only you are the center when you like capitalism and the status quo of the establishment and lean right on most issues to be a leftist/liberal, full stop.)

I do fear Sanders isn’t going to do enough when Republicans are this dishonest and extreme.

Which characters were the conservatives in “The Wizard of Oz?” (Hint: liberals love brains and hearts)

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Which characters in this movie are best labeled as the conservatives?

Remember how in “the Wizard of Oz” all the heroes were pursuing some characteristic they craved? The scarecrow wanted a brain, the tin man a heart, the lion guts, and Dorothy….was just a sweet girl who already had those things, and ultimately just wanted to go home.  Well,  I’ve realized that a good lens for differentiating liberals and conservatives (traditionalists) is to look at the traits they extol as virtues which they think make you deserving of being their friend.

Liberals respect people who either have a heart or a brain. (Democrats will like you if you more try to cultivate those traits.) Conservatives (and I mean Republicans) instead respect people who have either power or wealth (which is just a quantifiable and visible indicator of power.) They love bravado too, and select pugnacious speakers who can beat down their opponents from a position of power, rather than any soft-spoken academic who calls for civil discussion and inclusion of marginalized points of view.

I think Republicans are shallow, and whenever I learn about the silly madness of the South’s sad racist history, that image of hidebound conservatives is cemented in my mind. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always been drawn toward liberalism even though I didn’t always see the distinction in the world. The Wizard of Oz appears to me as a fairy tale by a crew of progressives–(need I mention that the film’s dance choreographer was gay?) Continue reading Which characters were the conservatives in “The Wizard of Oz?” (Hint: liberals love brains and hearts)

Election fraud in North Carolina; Harris steps down

So this politician paid political operatives to collect absentee ballots and deliver them directly to him. Best part is he’s a pastor! Don’t tell me religion makes people more moral!

Japan censors: Call the sex slaves “wartime laborers” now

(Source.) If you have to lie to make people love their country then maybe its time for you to face your country’s mistakes honestly. Then you can learn from history and become more lovable. It’s difficult for a thinking person to much love their country or trust it, if their country lies to them because it is narcissistic and insecure.

(And that goes for other countries including America too.) Complaining in English is rather pointless, so I also translated this into Japanese.

The line about honest historians being smeared as “Anti-Japanese” strikes a chord with me, because I hate the mindlessness of nationalism and while playing Socrates I’ve often been smeared the same way.  I have been accused too often in my life of being “Anti-American” if God forbid I ever criticize something about America in the company of a conservative who thinks he is somehow more American. Angry about CEO compensation? You’re anti-American! Constitutional checks not being followed? Somehow you’re anti-American! Want universal healthcare? Anti-American! Continue reading Japan censors: Call the sex slaves “wartime laborers” now