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“It was quasi-religious: the great self-esteem con”



“Positive thinking” is religious and is a Republican trait. You need a healthy dose of cynicism. Otherwise you’re censoring reality. Republicans in California in the 80s really fucked things up in the long-term.


Empathy in animals


Basically humans are nothing more than an exaggeration on what exists in other species. They feel emotions. Were it not so, I think cats who have grown friendly toward me would scratch my face more readily. They seem to care somewhat. Take away the rewards, and studies show rates can be trained to still feel empathy….perhaps solidiary is an evolved trait.

This suggest humans need to be trained to feel empathy too. Do we need to be forced to suffer as part of our education? Is a little corporal punishment actually good? (It would make you feel sorry for someone who was struck wouldn’t it?) Will kids someday be subjected to a brief amount of torture at school, so that no one except the biggest psychopaths would  ever want to torture anyone? Is this why all people around the world should have to serve in the military, so we stop pushing for stupid wars? Do women need to get into more fights? How can we increase empathy and also teach it to the conservatives and silicon valley elite who often lack it?

At the very least all rich people need to spend some time in third world countries, and all people need to occasionally visit them so they dont forget how bad some people have it. We need to fix those problems, and we need to fight the people who say trying to be “woke” is a bad thing.

Musings on sociopathic tendencies in business and economics

Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos is clearly a sociopath. Through the power of charisma she attracted investment to a company that didn’t have an original product even though she was a conman. It’s a common story in the business world where sociopaths excel, and I’ve personally learned to distrust anyone with an unblinking piercing “deep gaze.” I no longer think a person’s facial expression or their shininess of their eyes can be taken at face value. I’ve learned from Sam Harris that the feeling you get from someone can be manipulated– it’s a trick that can be learned, and a deep gaze is one that many Buddhist gurus and priests have learned to use to appear spiritual and all knowing, and whenever I see it I remind myself that someone is probably trying to win my confidence.

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How to make your cat like you

Feeding a cat doesn’t do much except create a kind of dependency or trust that you won’t harm her maybe. I’ve found that doing 2 out of these 3 usually makes my cat follow me around fanatically for a day:

Play with her for a long time

Let her head and chin a lot

Let her sleep with you


The first one and last one seem most effective. Are women this easy to charm and manipulate? Can I apply these 3 steps to create lasting bonds with humans? Is it even necessary to talk to someone if you do all 3, to still have them like you?

Drugs for operant conditioning

Here is a question. Would you consider it ethical to give high-dopamine drug to kids that was highly addictive, and then only allow them more if they studied science hard and passed tests?

Drugs could be a great motivator if used for positive reinforcement, rather than creating sex addicts in erotica stories. Just imagine how many kids could become accomplish great things if a benevolent university administered drugs which could only be attained there.

Academic Reasons to Distrust Psychologists

Open any Psychology textbook and there will be references to Sigmund Freud everywhere, even though he’s been largely dismissed as an unscientific philosopher. I understand why he was historically significant, but they waste a lot of time on him, as though they can’t let go of their founder. I always have doubts about the reliability of studies on sentient beings, and the test results often say more about the researchers than the subjects, like writing about your findings when you look at a Rorschach ink blob.

Scientific Misconduct

But even when the Psychology studies appear reliable, fraud occurs. The first Psychology book I read in 8th grade was by Marc Hauser, and he has been convicted of 8 counts of scientific misconduct. Daniel Dennett, my least favorite of the ‘4 horsemen of the non-apocalypse,’ didn’t even have the balls to throw him under the bus. I understand he’s met him before, and probably cited him, but I’d call my best friend a liar privately and publicly if he fraudulently lied to the world.

twitter dennett marc hauser

Another of the 4 horsemen, (Richard Dawkins) also cited Marc Hauser’s surveys on moral dilemmas in the later half of  “The God Delusion.” I haven’t found anywhere on the web where he renounces him either, and I do hope that he makes a note that those surveys should be suspect due to the originator if his book ever has a second edition.

Seriously, how do these New Atheists expect do hold the moral ground if they can’t call out their own fraudulent behavior or pseudoscience? I may be an Atheist, but I so strongly detest the tribal mentality of religious groups, that I don’t want to be part of any group that is afraid of self-criticism. I think it’s reasonable to call myself an Atheist, (since I am a skeptic in regards to religion,) but I have no need for other labels that group me with hypocrites.

If New-Atheism means I’m an Anti-Theist, then that’s an appropriate label, but I’m still going to tell people not to group me with anyone who can’t admit their mistakes. This is not how science is supposed to work, and they”re not setting a good example for morality without religion.

Personal Reasons to Distrust Psychologists

 I personally don’t trust them because they never cured me of anything. When my parents divorced in Middle School I stopped caring about doing homework, and started flunking for a year. I think I was just lazy; I wanted to go home, play video games and forget about the stupid problems in my life. School faculty are stupid and selfish though.

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