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The afterlife will be an endless loop

This is a good depiction of what Christians believe life will be like according to Revelation. It’ll feel like being stuck in an endless loop. You know how sometimes a bad game has a glitch and keeps reloading at the same checkpoint after a few seconds? That’s heaven!

Just imagine being unable to do anything but face Gary Stu-sama and worship his face forever and ever. And according to revelation there will be an annoying voice that keeps singing the same worship hymn over and over for all of eternity.

You will lose your free will and be nothing more than a puppet. Insects will fly into your mouth if God desires it and you’ll look like a drooling retard for all of eternity.


(Loop the video from 1:25 to 1:32
where she just keeps grinning at that man.

Her college education was utterly wasted.

And of course hell will be the same thing except with physical torture and a different shade of mental torture.


Cathedrals get a new look (and go to hell)

postmodern church  (4)

A woman who was dying guilt tripped us into visiting this expensive Catholic church that was built in 2002. Does this even look like a church?

Oddly modern interior and no stained glass. Continue reading Cathedrals get a new look (and go to hell)

Buddhist Hells: Naraka and Avīci

I love looking for abundant Buddhist themes in this anime.


Slip away, slip away from the fate that is too sad


You’re not a flower of hell. Don’t bloom there.

Notice the song uses the word naraku for hell. (Or naraka in English.) That’s the category of Buddhist hellish purgatories you hear about the most (ranging from hot hells, to cold hells, to hells where you are tortured in various creative ways). But there there is an even worse hell than naraka that is comparable to Christianity’s, called avici. The kanji seems to suggest it’s a place of unusually long punishment (無間地獄), but there is no indication it is eternal.


There are 5 ways to go to the especially long and most painful hell called avici. They must be bad to deserve that, so what are they?

1 Intentionally murdering one’s father

2 Intentionally murdering one’s mother

3 Killing an Arhat (enlightened being)

4 Shedding the blood of a Buddha

5 Creating a schism within the Sangha, the community of Buddhist

monks and nuns who try to attain enlightenment(eternal happiness).

So yeah, murdering your parents EVER, poking Buddha accidentally with a stick, or trying to reform corruption in a Buddhist institution lead to quin-trillions of years of damnation. Buddhist karma follows pretty inflexible morality huh?

Btw I love how scientific Buddhist geography is:

>The Buddha told the bhikṣus, “There are 8,000 continents surrounding the four continents [on earth]. There is, moreover, a great sea surrounding those 8,000 continents. There is, moreover, a great diamond mountain range encircling that great sea. Beyond this great diamond mountain range is yet another great diamond mountain range. And between the two mountain ranges lies darkness. The sun and moon in the divine sky with their great power are unable to reach that [darkness] with their light. In [that space between the two diamond mountain ranges] there are eight major hells. Along with each major hell are sixteen smaller hells.

Too bad this isn’t true. The Earth would be huge with tons of continents, and we could mine diamonds from those diamond mountains, and put geothermal power plants in hell. I guess you could even visit your relatives in in hell if you crossed enough land.

See also:


And we wouldn’t need a space elevator with a mountain this high. We could just build a railroad to carry astronauts into space.

Jigoku Shoujo Anime attacks “Hell”

I felt like Hell Girl did a good job of showing why it’s a good thing curses don’t exist. People would be willing to curse each other for minor things out of anger, and our society would not be able to advance. I doubt many people would escape being damned to hell by vengeful peers at primary school.

The premise is any person can send anyone to hell, but in return they will be sent to hell. Many people are so blinded by revenge they still do it, only to realize afterward it wasn’t worth it. Often, it turns out their enemy wasn’t their enemy, didn’t deserve it, or was mostly innocent.

The story also attacks hitobashira / human sacrifice in old Japan. The main character was buried alive 400 years ago to appease an angry God, and awoke as an angry spirit. Once again, we’ll be better off when we remove all traces of that horrible past. You never know when embracing a lie will lead to reprehensible thinking by the better standards of the future.

Here’s the OP, which I love.

Another manga that takes a look at torture in hell is Jigokuren. It’s a romantic comedy where the main character is tortured repeatedly in hell.


lucid dreams

Someday a Christian might have a dream where a demon that looks like you calls you the demon, and tries to exorcise you with an incantation, “in the name of Christ.”

I always laugh when a Christians take their dreams seriously as the work of malevolent powers. Many say they had sleep paralysis because of a demon, or they met a demon in a dream, and prayed for it to go away; however all things are possible in a dream. I might be able to make an interesting scenario, since I have been able to lucid dream.

Lucid dreams (明晰夢)

A lucid dream is simply a dream where you are aware you are dreaming, and you can control it to some extent. Usually when I realize I’m dreaming, the dream doesn’t last much longer than a minute before I wake up, (my reasoning is that awareness continually stimulates the brain until it wakes up.) I’ve also sometimes slipped into another dream, and lost control of the dream, and the awareness that I was dreaming, which seems to be the only way for me to keep dreaming. Other people have learned to lucid dream much better than I can, and can go for five minutes or more, or to have multiple lucid dreams in a night.

What separates this from a daydream, is it feels much more vivid, and your imagination conjures images, events, settings and characters with less effort. It’s a lot like playing a hyperrealistic video game, because whenever you look at something, your brain tells yourself you’re looking at a real object. Continue reading lucid dreams

hell must have amazing biodiversity

Sam Harris is right that Tibetan Buddhists don’t blow themselves up, or drive trucks into crowds and then jump out and go on a stabbing spree like certain Chinese Muslims. However the monks have lit themselves on fire many times in sign of protest; they simply don’t kill others while they do it. There have also been Buddhist warrior monks in Japanese history.
I want to see what religions exist in those 100 billion other galaxies. If I lived in the future I’d laugh so hard at how ethnocentric, chronocentric, and geocentric it is to believe God’s only son in the whole fucking universe came to Earth alone. Then trillions of aliens were condemned to hell for billions of years until humans made contact with them, to show them the error of their ways with our more accurate religion developed by ancient desert peoples.
Of course, it will take at least millions or billions of years for humans to spread the gospels to every corner of these 100 billion galaxies. God might be impatient and bring Revelation to bear before that, and then all the stars will “rain from the sky and go dark”, meaning entire solar systems will probably never get to hear God’s word. The inhabitants of these worlds who feel the physics of the universe thrown apart due to our ancient prophecy, will wonder what the fuck is wrong with the universe when they wake up to be judged by a God they never heard of from the desert of Caanan, on a star they probably hadn’t even catalogued yet.
Speaking of other species dying, I met a Catholic missionary who thinks her dog will meet her in heaven.

How does that work? So dogs judged too? Do only the dogs with Christian masters go to heaven? And is hell filled with disobedient wiener dogs, and pitbulls that barked too many times, or mauled too many squirrels? Are there trees and bacteria in hell? Do they store have all non-sentinent life there too?
So I guess hell has forests and tons of ancient bacteria and viruses just piled ontop of each other, because nothing ever truly dies, it’s just sent to hell. The grime covers the trees, and wherever you walk in hell, you step upon tons of quivering bacteria, just stacked ontop of each other. There’s probably even an ocean in hell to contain all the plankton and seaweed, because Satan doesn’t like there to be too much green in a fiery abyss. It must be a fucking biosphere down there, with dinoasurs and giant beavers, and pteradactyls. Unlimited deer….this is starting to sound like Eden. I bet the bacteria and viruses couldn’t even hurt you if you’re already dead.

Hell is gonna be lush as fuck. Tell Christians not to be sad for you, because you are going to a better place. Tell them you’ll weep for them because heaven will probably be a sterile place full of artificial materials like ugly concrete, plastic and asphalt – wherever God ran out of the gold he promised. It will be a super over-crowded too, because God forgot about the righteous alien converts when he was preparing it. Cities in hell are gonna be gardens, and surrounded by miles of corn, and the caverns will look like this. I want to believe in hell again, so I can spend my after-life fishing in the company of good and intelligent people.