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PSA Update: Do I have 111 followers?

I don’t know how that happened, or how many are bots. But I’ve updated my about page, to give any newcomere a better idea of the very low-expectations they should have for my blog. Blogs are on the decline, so I have come to see this place more as a medium for storing content that interests me, and to store ammunition for fighting religious indoctrination, and not as a medium for reaching out to other people. Arguments between theists and atheists have long ago moved to newer social media.

You can’t choose your beliefs, and atheism is epic


Nobody is free to believe what they want (another reason the foundation of Christianity is flawed). You cannot choose. Choose to earnestly believe – right now – that you can fly like Superman. You cannot, because belief is NOT a choice. Everything is meaningless given eternity.


Let me add more!

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Random Endless June Finds

Cult simulator tycoon would be fun, I hope they finish making this game.


The church of Christ Science is hilarious. At one time 400 thousand people believed in faith healing. All you needed was to believe and have willpower and you would be healed and not die. They therefore regularly refused medical treatment, because doctors make you think pessimistic thoughts which make you more sick. Thankfully, this cult is literally dying out.

“Nowhere in the bible does it say that Jesus was not a raptor.”



Wow this is insane. The Catholic church used to forbid possession of bibles. Or at least bibles translated from Latin. Wouldn’t want anyone to become educated enough to contradict the laity.

Catholics belong in the hell of their creation. There’s no way their church, led by a God that suppresses learning, is the true church of anything.


Christian parents commonly kick Atheist kids out of their homes.