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American optimism has always annoyed me

One thing that pisses me off about Christians in America is how they don’t like cynics and tend to glorify acting naively optimistic like Flanders. But a degree of pessisim generally correlates with more gdp per capita:


It’s called being realistic and I don’t like overly optimistic people.p who refuse to regularly dip into cynicism or take a balanced view.

Why I don’t study Chinese

Chinese can be open and unapologetic about their racism, as though they don’t realize the importance of either civility or genuine empathy beyond borders. Anyone who moves to China has sold their soul and mental health for money. Don’t listen to the moronic sociopaths who tell you China is gonna be a superpower so you ought to study their language, because you really don’t. I stopped studying Chinese because the Chinese I met were so damn unpleasant, and the country was dreary and so obviously polluted that I kept getting a sore throat and coughing. You can’t have good conversations with them because they’re nationalistic and apathetic, and they frown mightilly if you talk about the pollution even on days when it’s HANGING LIKE A BLACK CURTAIN OF DEATH THAT BLOTS OUT THE SUN AND IS CHOKING TRAFFIC. Let someone who has baser motivations deal with the cult of Mao worshipping sociopaths.


Ps: fuck Denmark.