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Too many stars – the ultimate argument against all religions on Earth

Too many stars:

Darkmatter2525 articulated the argumentum ad absurdum about there being too many stars to believe our planet or Israel is the special center of it all better than I had thought of. He did so by drawing from teleology (Aristotle’s four causes). We totally live in a universe that requires no gods to function, but all religions and their deities seem to have been created to meet the ends of humans. For power and influence over others, and tithes from their fellow man. Occam’s razor says the simplest explanation tends to be the most likely one, and a universe that is not run by any of the gods mankind believes in makes more sense.
Totally wish this video existed sooner. I embarrassed myself by presenting the argument to my philosophy professor after I developed it for feedback, without realizing it was a fairly common argument apostates develop. I still do not know the name of the argument but it is one of the strongest ones. It has become my favorite argument because it is rooted in empirical evidence of the scale of the universe, and logic, and is all encompassing. (I prefer it even over the problem of evil.)

My Mastery of Religion:

I’ll remember it for the rest of my life and never believe any Earthly religion again as a result. There is no need to study religion further for the truth about Gods since I have thoroughly collected the evidence they are all bullshit. The only reason to study religion is to understand sociology, or how religion changes the behavior of people, and how delusions changed history. It also helps to develop critical thinking which is essential in philosophy, except that there are better questions that have not been decisively solved. (Probably well over 70% of philosophers turn Atheist.) Currently I can think more objectively than anyone in the family, and in this niche I know many more facts.

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Murderous Popes


This pope assassinated his two predecessors. The Catholic Church may
claim to be the first church, and the one true church, but it was never
was endorsed and run by a benign God.

Worse yet, there’s a long list of murdered popes! God doesn’t offer any protection, and so it’s no wonder they protect the pope with bulletproof glass when his car goes out in public!

pope glass

While we’re at it, check out the sexual liasons of the men who are supposed to have been chosen to lead Christians!

Catholics who try to get you to take theology seriously

It’s like the philosophy on fanfiction made by fanboys.

>There are no logic holes in the bible only things we can’t understand.

>circular reasoning

>post-hoc reasoning

>ignoring parts they don’t like

>taking quotes out of context

>blaming others to take quotes out of context

-It’s also like watching a dog endlessly chasing tail.

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Catholic Relatives Don’t Believe in Evolution – Journal

So, I had met my Catholic relatives (to help move some cabinets apparently), and they were complaining about how progressive liberals had used social Darwinism to hurt “our people” with political cartoons a century ago. I have no idea what she was going on about, but it was the perfect timing to ask the Catholic relatives what the Catholic position on evolution was. They said there was no official position, and what various arch bishops believed were opinions. They said microevolution might be possible (breeding dog variants) but not macroevolution. They said a species cannot turn into another species. (Which covers whether man evolved from apes.)

The mother with her kids said the Big Bang is incredibly impossible for “many reasons” and that Earth is located in an arm of the galaxy where we have an unusually good view of the galaxy which we wouldn’t have if it were anywhere else. She said it’s nearly impossible for a planet to evolve life in the Universe because it has to be at the right distance from the sun, and properly heated and shielded from asteroids with the right atmospheric chemicals and so forth.

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Napoleon and Dechristianization

Like most European countries, has a colorful history of Catholics and Protestants massacring each other for hundreds of years. We owe secularism to these conflicts, which began from the conflict between corrupt church officials and kings over who should rule.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Wars_of_Religion

In the late 18th century the Catholic church was  as usual, enormously corrupt. The church also stood with the corrupt aristocracy. Napoleon tried to fix the problem.
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Protestant’s Sola Scriptura is refuted by the bible – letter

I’m not really sure what your point is in the email below. At first (first paragraph) you seem to be saying that there is intelligent life elsewhere. Yet, as the email continues on, you seem to be denying that. And you talk about making apologetics more indefensible to regular people. Do you mean “defensible”?

So I’m just not sure how to respond other than to say that taking the Bible and Hell literally leads to these problems. And, a crucial point missed by almost all Christians, is the Bible itself doesn’t even claim to be God’s word (let alone inerrant). That is a man-made doctrine not found in the Bible. 2 Tim. 3:16, for example, is actually a universal affirmative proposition (“All As are Bs”) that only states what scripture is, namely, “theopneustos,” but without going on to explain what this means or, crucially, identify what books are scripture–be these OT only; the OT + NT only; the OT + NT + Apocrypha only; the BOM only; the Upanishads only; Bertrand Russell’s *Why I Am Not a Christian* only; etc. In fact, 2 Tim. 3:16 was written before the Bible was even completed. I’m sure this isn’t the response you were looking for; but, as I say, the point you are trying to make escapes me. Sorry.

Professor (name redacted),

I’m saving this email because he makes a good point with the timothy quote. Sola scriptura is refuted in the bible. He also makes the brilliant point that the canon wasn’t even standardized when that was written. I haven’t verified when Timothy was written yet, but I’m pretty sure other books were added later.

Even 2 Peter 3:16 offers no clarification.



Random Endless June Finds

Cult simulator tycoon would be fun, I hope they finish making this game.


The church of Christ Science is hilarious. At one time 400 thousand people believed in faith healing. All you needed was to believe and have willpower and you would be healed and not die. They therefore regularly refused medical treatment, because doctors make you think pessimistic thoughts which make you more sick. Thankfully, this cult is literally dying out.

“Nowhere in the bible does it say that Jesus was not a raptor.”



Wow this is insane. The Catholic church used to forbid possession of bibles. Or at least bibles translated from Latin. Wouldn’t want anyone to become educated enough to contradict the laity.

Catholics belong in the hell of their creation. There’s no way their church, led by a God that suppresses learning, is the true church of anything.


Christian parents commonly kick Atheist kids out of their homes.


It’s Official: Pope Francis says ‘All animals go to heaven’

The Catholic missionary from the last post can rest easy, because the pope has said her dog will be waiting at her door in the New Jerusalem.  Religion keeps changing the official teachings to cater to the feelings of people. Like a salesman searching for a better pitch, the pope found he can now give happier answers to questions about animals like, “Why did Peanuts have to die?”

The feel-good answer is “Your dog didn’t die and you will see him again in heaven.”  It’s a safe position to take, when 42 percent of Americans believe they will see their pets in heaven.

Most people would rather go to church and swallow up the placebos rather than to face the truth: that there is no evidence of life after death apart from the memories you leave behind in the people that knew you. In a grand scheme where planets and creatures are constantly randomly destroyed, it’s silly to think an entity cares about protecting individuals for eternity.


Of course if you tell Christians this they get angry. If only I had figured out what Morpheus meant earlier.


News source:


Correction: Pope Francais didn’t say anything about animals going to heaven. That was another pope, but as long as one of the recent popes said it then there will be Catholics who can choose to believe it, so it doesn’t matter that the current pope has been quiet on the subject of animal souls.