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American optimism has always annoyed me

One thing that pisses me off about Christians in America is how they don’t like cynics and tend to glorify acting naively optimistic like Flanders. But a degree of pessisim generally correlates with more gdp per capita:


It’s called being realistic and I don’t like overly optimistic people.p who refuse to regularly dip into cynicism or take a balanced view.


How Halloween Roleplaying Could Improve Society

I saw a church today with Halloween scarecrows out front. It doesn’t jive when they try to appropriate darkness in a tame way, and then have Halloween parties, so kids can go to church and be safely given free candy rather than having to explore neighborhoods.

I’m dressing as an aviator for the kids, but I had the idea of being a Christian for Halloween, and preaching and evangelizing at every house I visit. Or collecting a year’s worth of Jehova witness brochures and handing them out to trick or treaters with a stern warning to be vigilant because tonight could be your last on Earth. That might be the scariest role playing the kids ever see.

mormon cosplayMormon missionary costume

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