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Innuendo Studios: White Fascists

“White fascism is a suicide cult”

This is a pretty good summary of the problems of white fascism. It really seems to cut through the bullshit rhetoric the alt-right use. They’re reactionaries, they’re cretins, and they aren’t interested in freedom at all. We can have a proper debate about immigration without putting government in the hands of the fascists or the racists.

Of course, I don’t agree with all of his videos which can sometimes get pretty SJWish. I try to keep an open mind, but I feel pretty uncomfortable whenever he uses certain words that belie assumptions I really don’t share about the world. Sometimes his channel seems too willing to sacrifice rationality to grant power or double standards to some minority or another, or to take away free speech.

I really don’t feel comfortable censoring free speech,  unless it’s a narrowly tailored enemy who has a good chance of taking over and ending free speech. I understand the need to stop racist and homophobic speech better, but I usually see most so-called sexist speech as less severe and overblown, when the feminists call attention to it. (Even though the fact Pence can be vice president shows feminism still has more battles ahead, and eglatarians need to win more minds.)

I am also not yet comfortable with intersectionality, and doubt it’s either rational or useful, when it seems to create artificial divisions. It can lead to the opposite of the aspirations aired by Martin Luther King Jr. when he said, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Thunderf00t destroys climate change denier

Well, Thunderf00t did a good job of showing global warming is real and a danger. I liked his section where he pointed at Venus and showed climate change deniers can’t explain how hot that planet is if greenhouse gasses don’t cause global warming. That has also been my default way of ripping the deniers apart.


Don’t take Steven Milloy the founder of Burnmorecoal.com seriously, he’s a lying piece of shit just like most of the pundits on Fox News.

Armored Skeptic has Stopped Being a Skeptic

This isn’t the first time Creationist Cat has demolished the hypocrisy of the alt-right, and as usual he’s right. “You vote Republican you get religion. You get worse outcomes for science, education and the environment. Indeed it’s that simple.”

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New discovery: Trump’s grandfather was a lowclass crook too

Corruption runs in the Trump family: Trump’s grandfather made his fortune running a brothel. You can’t make this shit up.

His son the family savings into cozing up to corrupt politicians and the mafia, so he could make competitive bids on to build overpriced section 8 housing that banned black tenants in seedy Brooklyn. His son Donald Trump made his fortune laundering money to the Russian mafia, which is how Russia compromised him, (according toe the story in the new book, “House of Trump.”)


MAGA npc.jpg

MAGA people are the NPCs, but they unironically are copy pasting a meme that claims liberals are the fake people who repeat what they’re programmed to say. Meanwhile they listen to conservative media and will defend Trump from any criticism.

Moreover, we need to stop boomers until we know what the hell is going on

But really, we’re in a propaganda war and we lost a battle in 2016. If the left can’t learn how to be as funny the right, then it’s going to lose elections to dumb memes (like this one.)


Creationist Cat’s creator on racism

I don’t have much to say right now, but I think I need to follow his example. I really hate the alt-right, and that includes the racists. What he said around 54 mins was great about how these guys who go to so called “white identitarian” meetings aren’t bringing any new ideas and 30 years ago they would have just been straight up KKK.


He made a point that TF stopped calling himself a skeptic. I looked into that and liked what TF said about how Youtube is an attention economy. He described how we are in a race between education and catastrophic, and the frustration of seeing his academic channel eclipsed by Alex Jones’:

To be honest I don’t watch his channel because I find his thick British accent hard to understand. It always sounds so slurred, and I guess I’m not interested enough in watching science videos over debates, but if I were younger maybe I would. Back in the day all of his anti-feminist videos that he used to make kind of made me also assume at a glance that his channel was as anti-intellectual as some of the alt-right ones were.

Vox: Support for Russia has risen among republicans

I know this is 6 months old, but it’s relevant. Proof Trump manipulates his supporters’ views easily as a public figure; it’s a cult of personality.


And here is some entertaining speculation that a daddy complex is why Trump likes Putin and other dictators.

Trump’s Treason by Father Complex
Trump also has came up with a lame backtrack, even though his whole speech praised Putin.


ForeignPolicyI.org has been hijacked/is a scam/now runs fake news

I want anyone who stumbles onto foreignpolicyi.org to understand that there really was a real conservative think-tank by the same name which started in 2009, but it shut down in 2017. (So did their twitter account.) The current website appears to be a domain squatter. In fact, they’re accommodating of Trump to a degree which Republican Bill Kristol would not have been when he was on the board of directors at the real foreignpolicyi.org website.
Whatever kind of website the contemporary version is, it’s propaganda from a totally different set of authors with a very different agenda, and they’re trying to cash in on the brand name of the website. (I am guessing they are from Russia or China, or that it might just be a low-budget content farm designed to make money from advertising.)

You can read the website’s real last goodbye message from August 2017 here:


Trump meets Putin and doesn’t criticize him, apathy reigns, and I’m not really an American

Does anyone realy think Trump is loyal to the USA rather than incentive structures and Russia? Nevermind, I already know Trumpers can’t move past talking about Hillary, uranium and whataboutism.



I feel like screaming today. Once again I don’t feel like an American. I’m so fed up with the way people think here, and how stupid the news is, and how everyone thinks like a theist preceding to talk about what they want to believe over what is apparent.But there isn’t a country in the world for me right now. I am from am era just a little bit further ahead of this one.


Ah, sometimes It’s a little stressful. At times I envy the simple life of those who are born without no responsibilities–cats mainly, and also anyone “lucky” enough to be born to the position of a dumb whore, for whom life is an amazingly simple flash of hedonism. Such a person can more easily trust the judgement of average people, and doesn’t have to think about anything more than self-preservation and self-gratification.


But then again, no matter where I am born I would always want to know more. Circumstances have put me slightly ahead of the people of the time and era where I happen to be, so there are few people who will agree to have open arguments with me, fewer I can have productive arguments with, and far fewer I can agree with. Moreover, as long as I stay in America I will always hit a brick wall because there will always be a perspective shift I’ll struggle to rise above as my mind calcifies with old age.


Like I said I want to scream and runaway from this mad country where every one pretends this is just politics as usual. I want to live in a country where we can solve problems rather than hoping that in 20 years we’ll get political parties that can repair the rot they are currently causing.


I want to live in a country where there are recycling bins on public corners, and where 30 billion dollar subway tunnels are built l the equivalent distsnce of of New Jersey yo New York without falling into a game of infrastructure brinksmanship. Scratch that. I WANT FASTER MAGLEV TRAINS.


I want a society where people care about each other without going to church or any other cults. One where people value each other as individuals, as the citizens in Athens apparently did, and without forcing dumb nationalism. A world without war or heresy trials. A world of progressive taxation and labor saving technology. A society where pacs can’t hide their coorporate doners (be they Russian or any other billionaires.)


I not even asking to live in Utopia (or a pastoral Eden), I just want a much more advanced society than the one I inherited, and yet no one gives a fuck. Not even the millennials, who are caught up in saving and making ends meet thanks to the slave mentality.


And I’m fairly sure we’ll evolve that way too. I know progress and desire appear to br unlimited, but It’s hard to argue thst we couldn’t easily have a much better world if people would just argue a hell of a lot more and come to agreement in areas of shared concern. Those areas of shared concern are so basic that I can point at them without saying I was born much further in the future.  And yet I’m part of the 10% of the population who don’t believe in religion, or about 3% who call themselves atheists. Of those, I’m one of the atheists who actually wants to have debates, and who has a few progressive insights others haven’t reached yet. It’s frustrating.

A few years ago I stopped thinking if myself as American, then I rethought that as I embraced Hitchens internationalism and Thomas Jefferson’s secular vision of an enlightened government that stamps out monarchies clergy,  and swears hostility on every form of tyranny on the hearts of men.  The idea that the American revolution never ended is alluring,  although it’s not true. Now once again,  I feel a bit adrift from all the countries and their silly conflicts and power struggles. I don’t care about faux change. I want to live in a city of light where we agree to stop living hand to mouth,  and where we cooperate to accelerate the development of solutions to our world, familial,  and individualist problems.

I don’t know what year I’m from but it’s not here.