My impressions on William F. Buckley

When he first met author Ayn Rand, according to Buckley, she greeted him with the following: “You are much too intelligent to believe in God.”

(From wikipedia.)

Well, already I don’t like the guy though I’m too lazy to write a thorough rebuttal. I first discovered him when he had his ass handed to him in an Oxford debate (with James Baldwin) where he sided with the conservatives in the south. (That debate was over whether the American dream came at the expense of blacks in America.) There are many things to dislike about him, starting with how he speaks in that retarded, pretentious and very artificial Mid-Atlantic accent. I wonder if he was actually as smart as he pretends, since he was gullible enough to be swindled into defending a murderer. Maybe Americans were just more easily swindled and seduced by posh British accents back then?

Buckley also founded the National Review magazine whose mission was to make propaganda to elect the furthest right “viable” candidate so as to gradually drag American politics to the right (which arguably did happen.) He also seemed to oppose atheists (since they’re godless and it correlated with communism then), and voiced disapproval to including against gays as equals in the conservative movement. After Iraq when he was asked how the Republican party could regain its authority and luster, he said, “By passing a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.” (Moreover, he thought queers caused AIDs and anyone with HIV should be tattooed on their buttocks.)

William-F.-Buckley on HIV.png

He further popularized the combative, theatrical, and emotion-tapping style of argument that conservatives now think constitutes a serious debate, rather than high-blown rhetoric.  While I have hardly looked at rational wiki‘s article, I think that the more I read about him the less I will like him. At the end of the day he’ll just be remembered as another bigot, (even if he was a politer one than the MAGA critters.)

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