I was banned at Jerry Coyne’s blog! (For Hating Baby Boomers)

is yoda a boomer

So I’ve been told that I’m now banned/blocked at Jerry Coyne’s blog.  I find that highly ironic given that if you run a search for “whyevolutionistrue.com + censorship” you’ll find dozens of pages where he complains about it and comes out in favor of free speech, especially in regard to fighting “authoritarian leftism” or religion,  I’m not annoyed, jut amused, although it’s possible others will be banned unfairly for something larger, so I figure I might as well do a quick write-up about the site and how it happened to me. You can read what I actually said at this link, as I have the custom of archiving my posts whenever moderation happens, (because I’ve learned that sometimes internet people choose to delete them or to pretend they didn’t ban you a bit after it actually happens.)

Jerry Coyne is an atheist writer and a biologist, and I really never paid attention to the author’s personal stuff or bothered to learn any more about him until now.Having stumbled onto his site somehow from atheist social media, I found the flow of articles he linked to interesting enough to read so I started writing comments there about a year ago. This will of course stop because I’ve made it a rule not to read articles or forums I cannot comment upon, (with the exception of Reuters which is a news site that eschews editorializing.) It’s a useful rule on the internet that I’ve followed ever since I discovered how social media can distort the truth through bad moderation that bans one side, such as at Gamergate, on Reddit, or in academia.

Since I was abruptly banned without warning after 2 posts I had a hunch about his age, and when I finally looked him up on Wikipedia I confirmed that the biologist-writer is indeed a Baby Boomer (having been born in 1949).

boomer wars2

That explains and implies that he lives inside a bubble of old has-beens who cannot possibly understand how much Boomers are very widely reviled. I’ve heard how Boomers talk, and he probably sits on a porch on Friday nights overlooking a freshly-cut lawn, talking about old black and white sit-coms, and patting his other Boomer friends on the back while condemning Millennials unfairly for holding ideas they can’t fathom because it hurts their egos. Even before Trump and Brexit younger liberals have hated Boomers for their regressive positions on the the LGBT, while both their own parents and their kids have hated them for their poor fiscal responsibility and self-centeredness. They’re just oblivious to the degree of ill-will that Boomers in aggregate have amassed. Even their parents, the Silent Generation hate them.

boomer wars3

I also guess the early internet affected my codes on speech more, because I’m more of a free speech absolutist than he is. I stand by what I have said and it rings more true to me everyday as the Baby Boomers continue to act stupider as they age.

Boomers shouldn’t have the expectation that they can destroy social security nets and welfare right up until they die, (including pulling money out of social security,) on the grounds that it would help minorities who weren’t them (like Mexicans or blacks), and that it won’t backfire on them. They took every head start that the Silent Generation saved up to give them and somehow still drove themselves into debt buying luxury products from China while systematically looting other generations and people who didn’t look like them. And yet, when its their friends who are dying in a hospital they change their tune and expect others to give them a handout right when they’re about to die.

That’s ridiculous, and uncompassionate Boomers do not deserve yet another free lunch. Boomers vote for the GOP cult and are stupid enough to cheer everywhere whenever their champions attack universal healthcare.  They don’t want universal healthcare anyway, and fight tooth and nail to cut the taxes necessary to sustain-ably pay for it, so fuck them because they aren’t enlightened enough to deserve it.

boomer wars1

Recent events have shown that Boomers are a hindrance who are just after one last payout. They really don’t believe in either democracy of the free flow of ideas, and they are just dragging the country down to their level. Jerry Coyne’s blog is just another example of typical Boomer hypocrisy: he favors free speech and a platform only for the ideas that don’t bother him, but none for the ones that fall outside of his own Overton window. In other words, although he might not have a religion he still has his own set of sacred cows; questioning whether his generation deserves to die early in hospitals after tuning into Fox News and defunding their own medical system is not a discussion he is ready to hear. Ironically, though he wants to prolong the suffering brought by the Boomer menace, he himself holds the unpopular view from eugenics/euthanasia that we should kill crippled newborns to prevent suffering, (which I also agree with.)

Eventually the dinosaurs will die, and future generations will come to believe in absolute free speech, which is the only meaningful way that ideas can be dismissed or defended in perpetuity. There will be no culture of hypocritical blasphemy laws that most Boomers cannot grow-out of even if they eschew religion. And that’s probably the last time I’ll talk about his forum. Have some more anti-Boomer memes:


“It's [Los Angeles] mostly full of nonsense and delusion and egomania. They think they'll be young and beautiful forever, even though most of them aren't even young and beautiful now.”
-Christopher Hitchens (possibly on the Baby Boomers, who he self-hated.)

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