Why can American CEOs own fighter jets?

This is addressed to the people who oppose any gun control, and who argue that we shouldn’t ban bump stocks. Their argument goes that these accessories they just make guns inaccurate and therefore won’t kill many people in mass shootings.

You people strike me as the type who haven’t paid attention to how the bump stock was used to murder more people at the Las Vegas shooting. When you’re firing at a dense crowd you don’t have to make every shot count. You can be inaccurate–it’s more important to just spray as many bullets as you can because you’re pretty sure a bullet that misses one guy will hit someone else. That’s why we need to ban the bump stocks–they have no utility outside of massacring crowds. It’s the same reason your Average Joe next door shouldn’t be allowed to own a mini-gun or mount one on his pick-up truck, or to collect grenades and studded pipe bombs in his garage.

Alaska was stupid enough that it let a millionaire buy 54 million dollars worth of Czech fighter jets (and other equipment) in under 6 months–some of them were soviet era military fighter jets with the rocket tubes still intact. Said millionaire defended his airstrip with a double set of walls, and by hiring snipers to stand in the specially constructed sniper tower. He had delusions about somehow acquiring explosive rockets for his jet planes so he could do “black ops” in the Middle East like a rich Bruce Wayne or James Bond in a Tom Clancy novel. (He was also a criminal who embezzled from a philanthropy trust fund.)

I thought Americans were generally opposed to a double standard where the rich get to flaunt the rules. Until I watched that episode of American Greed, I thought you weren’t allowed to own fighter jets–but in Alaska if your name is Mark Avery and you have 54 million dollars to spend, as long as you pay for the right to call yourself a CEO and promise to fill their tax revenues,you can legally come pretty fucking close to funding your own military and air-force! It’s like half of the country is insane and dreams of anarchy, and desires the legal right to sleep with an RPG launcher tucked under their pillow. These people advocate for arming teachers rather than talking about how to shrink magazine sizes and to reduce the amount of firepower and weapons of mass destruction that are available for most civilians.

Why do so many Americans want to live in the Grand Theft Auto universe? Are your lives life so boring that you want to increase the danger of suddenly dying at any moment?


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