Grammar is boring

As a native English speaker I’ve always found English grammar to be one of the most boring subjects I ever had to study at school. To be honest I usually didn’t pay much attention because I could ignore all the rules, and could still get the right answer on standardized testing through intuition (at least if asked “which sentence is grammatically correct), because I was a native speaker and had read a lot of books.
Grammar seems to be more interesting when you’re studying a foreign language or are exploring unusually quaint forms/older forms of English.

It’s hard to give a fuck about studying English grammar when it’s everyday regular sentences (“front position comment adverbs: “Fortunately, she decided to help us.”) rather than poetic stuff or aphorisms. Business English/grammar is [B][I]cancer[/I][/B]. “Business Communication” is the driest textbook ever, and rigid aloof professionalism sounds so robotic and is the death of all that is good in the world. I have also always suspected the authors of grammar books are all autistic since they seem to care more about categorizing words and listing popular sentencr patterns more than communication, or exploring creativite sentence structures.

Apparently grammar is taken more seriously in places like the UK (where society has more rules.) The grammar there seems to be more rigid too, with more restrictions on the word order than in American grammar, (studying poetry is also more emphasized there.) I don’t have the experience to know how the teachers make it interesting enough, or how the students stand it. All I know is I can’t read more than a couple of pages of a grammar book without wanting to bang my head against the desk.


1 thought on “Grammar is boring

  1. I get the gist of your post and agree, (the dreaded however) I was in an ethics class and poor grammar led to huge problems for many students. Now I lease apartments and many people don’t understand what they are signing.


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