Transcontinental railroads

Has anyone taken any really long and slow train trips? I took them all over Japan and loved them, haven’t done Europe yet, but since everyone goes there and sees the same stuff, I am not in a hurry either. I would rather have esoteric bragging rights. (Might try to take a train from Europe to India someday.)

I used to spend a lot of time spinning the globe when I was a kid, and Siberia always stuck out because it’s so huge. I have been interested in taking the Transsiberian railroad from Moscow to Mongolia or that hard to spell city which starts with the V– “Very definitely not going to be part of Japan”. Sadly, the current political environment makes Russia an unacceptable place for me right now, and my friends and I will probably cancel our trip to St. Petersberg and Moscow. The visa is ridiculously overpriced anyway, and I am not gonna let my tourist dollars help keep Putin in power.

So then I remembered how I once met a German tourist who actually accepted our terrible mass transportation and spent a month traveling down the west coast by train and bus parallel to the Pacific Coast Highway. (My thought back then: poor guy, what a pain in the add that must have been. I’ve traversed that distance in only 2 days by car.)

I’ve gone around the USA before by car, but the train might be a new experience and I’m now looking into the Amtrack. Open to ideas about where to go. Here’s the map. I’ve seen some stunning videos of where the train passes through passes in the Rocky Mountains, and I’m a little interested in spending a few days stopping at little train station in fly-over country. Thinking of taking a route close to the transcontinental railroad, or up through Canada, or through the north. Probably won’t do Canada though because it’s much more sparsely populated and the fauna and geology doesn’t change as much, compared to taking the transcontinental railroad which begins roughly in New York, down through the Midwest and through the desserts of the South-west before ending in San Francisco. Have no desire to visit the South/South-Eastern United States which wouldn’t be as much fun. The South didn’t build the transcontinteal railroad, and I think I’d have more pleasant conversations up north.


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