2 black guys arrested at Starbucks; Starbucks panics and capitulates to SJWS


The story is that two black guys sat down at Starbucks and refused to order anything. The manager told them to either buy something or leave, and they said they were waiting for someone and refused to buy anything. Eventually the manager called the cops who told them to leave. *Out come the camera phones* Next the 2 guys grumble about racism on the camera, (and get away with it because the manager is probably white), and the cops finally decide that’s enough bullshit and just arrest them for trespassing.

Social justice warriors then upload the videos and cry wolf in the media. Starbucks instantly caves to the bullying. Now the manager has been fired for doing her job, and 8,000 Starbucks will close down on May 29th to send nearly 175,000 employees for “Racial bias sensitivity training” at a cost of millions in lost profit. Starbuck’s CEO even flew to Philadelphia and met the two men (perhaps to give them a settlement?) I’m not even joking.

Goddamn, how difficult would it be for one of the 2 assholes with SJW hats to just buy a single $3.50 cup of burnt black coffee? They were asked to make a purchase multiple times and they could even split the cost. Who knows how long they sat there holding up a table like it’s a picnic table in a public park before the manager called the cops. I don’t care if they’re homeless, it’s not that expensive and if it’s raining and you beg then someone will probably buy you a cup. They also deserved to be arrested when they defied the cops and refused to leave the store.

Corporations need to look out for their employees and stop caving to SJW terrorists because the customer isn’t always right. That would be actual progressiveness rather than this illiberal bullshit that calls itself progress.

The new racial sensitivity training will worsen the working environment. It is just going to make Starbucks employees more racist as they’re taught to be conscious about racial differences. They’ll inadvertently start thinking that blacks are more over-sensitive than whites because they haven’t been able to control themselves in past incidents like this, and that blacks are likely to manufacture fake outrages about racism which will go viral if you don’t capitulate to their demands; nevertheless, you should still demean yourself like any “professional” who earns a minimum wage, and just coddle them like they’re babies that can do no wrong. They’ll probably call the self-depreciation “conflict deescalation.”



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