Starbucks Racism: Another Moral Panic

As you probably know, earlier this week 2 black men were arrested at a Starbucks when they failed to order anything. They sat down without ordering anything, told the manager when she asked them if they wanted to buy anything that they had brought their own bottles of water, and then refused to leave. (I found the video where they spent 7 minutes refusing to leave and arguing with the cops before they were arrested, and I suspect they treated the barista badly off camera which triggered her calling the cops.)

You can’t walk into a restaurant and sit down at a table unless you’re with someone who orders something.

I expected rags like the Huntington Post to cry about racism, but I thought there would be more papers and editorials that would say the obvious. All of the papers are complacent in the narrative that it had to be about racism. Sp I’m now starting to think that the alt-right can actually be right about more issues than I thought.

For instance, there are videos from Mark Dice and Sargon of Akkad that actually support the narrative I believe happened, after my experiences with wasting hundreds of dollars at Starbucks. But the Guardian, New York Times, Fox News, CNN, Business Insider, the Wall Street Journal, and basically every other paper across the political spectrum just spins the story to be about racism. They actually made the extreme right look sane and objective.

I’ll give more supporting evidence if anyone wants to disagree. I’m just disappointed that they we’re in some kind of moral panic about racism and that every paper has some kind of group-think or political correctness that keeps them from criticizing someone when the criticism is due. In a fair world, the mayor of Philadelphia shouldn’t be investigating Starbucks for implicit racism, and the police commissioner wouldn’t be pressured to apologize days after he calmly said his own men had done nothing wrong other than to impartially enforce the law. It should be highly condescending to blacks to assume they’ll go nuts if you don’t overreact and apologize when no apology is due.


1 thought on “Starbucks Racism: Another Moral Panic

  1. Well, it would be highly condescending to blacks to assume they’ll go nuts if you don’t overreact and apologize when no apology is due, except that they do go nuts – as do their liberal, White enablers – whenever they don’t get their way and/or are held accountable to the same standards as Americans i.e., Whites and the majority of Asians.


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