Would you marry a theist who had the mind of a child?

How do you feel about marrying someone who from your perspective is greatly less educated? (By “younger and stupider”, I just mean people who are greatly less experienced in the world or who know much less. For an example of what I mean, picture if a professor from Seattle married a high school drop out in rural Alabama.)

Throughout history women have been less educated, and men just dealt with it. Seasoned men used to marry younger women and they told them not to talk about politics because they were highly illiterate and therefore annoying to listen to. Only fairly recently have standards risen, and we have set our sights on marrying someone who is equally knowledgeable.

For example, in Athens women were uneducated, and men when married them they were just property, and they did it because having kids was a social responsibility. They certainly had no interest in talking to them, instead preferring the company of other educated men while keeping their wives in separate rooms. They had little to do with their wives, and whenever they wanted a serious conversation they would go out to talk with the other men, probably at the center of the city where Socrates where talking. If they wanted some fun they might also pay a prostitute or have sex with a boy. (In fact, the statutes to Athena were all modeled on the most famous prostitute in the city, a curvy voluptuous women with large breasts). Men also lived apart from their wives in Sparta and hardly talked to them either. The middle east hasn’t caught up yet either, and still largely keeps women uneducated, and keeps the sexes in separate worlds. I still have a similar dilemma in America.

In this country the number of men who are atheists is twice as high as the number of men (according to Pew Pew). That means there is twice as much competition for well-read women. This is a problem when you don’t like religion, and I personally don’t want to marry someone who loves her imaginary heavenly father more than me. I’m also dead-set against letting anyone I marry brainwash my future babies into joining their religious martyr cult, and I want them to read rigorous secular books on Sundays rather than mindlessly chanting hymnals. The people I know who are religious all have fewer life experiences than the atheists, and simply know less than the irreligious or the atheists. So unless I can lower my standards to coexist with someone that I strongly disagree with on most things, then my pool of mates is especially limited. In America, 50% of atheists will be forced to choose a bimbo rather than a peer.

From my perspective, there are topics where arguing with an average religious woman in America feels like its on the same caliber as arguing with a child when you hold a diploma in the subject. Talking about politics or religion is often like sharing ideas that you’ve read with someone who can’t read, and any little remark is likely to trigger PMS because they’re so set on believing their parents told them the truth. The knowledge gap would keep getting bigger every year as I read more too, (while they have to play catch-up.) I really would waste too much time trying to explain things if someone wasn’t already an equal on the same page to begin with. It’s a great argument for why male atheists are better off avoiding women and being gay.



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