Learning about cars is probably a waste of time

Don’t bother learning about cars, instead move to a nice modern city with trains and learn what interests you, like programming or game making probably. You know how much time you gain when you don’t have to think about where to gas up, or how to avoid hitting dumb fucks on the road, or how to take care of bills, or why the car isn’t running properly, or what kind of car you should buy, etc etc.

You can still rent a car once a month when you want to go on a vacation so,ewhere rural and it saves tons of money. America used to have a working train system 70 years ago and a collusion of factors together systematically dismantled it resulting in one of the worst tragedies of American history. Private railroads went bankrupt and Amtrack had to sell the right of ways on its own tracks so it is now slow and its passeger trains must stop for all freight trains, and is a shadow of its former self. There is no excuse for it, but you can fight the tide by voting with your feet fo progress and centralized planning of infrastructure by moving somewhere like Portland or if you’re adventurous, even Berlin.


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