Dumb Christian miracle stories

Here’s a dumb anecdote a pastor actually told us in church which I later heard online, and maybe you’ve heard it.

>Pastor has doubts about miracles

>Pastor has a feeling he should buy milk so he decides to follow it and buys a gallon

>Pastor has a feeling God is telling him to drive several miles toward somewhere he doesn’t know, but he follows it and takes the milk to a house he doesn’t know

>rings the doorbell

>poor mother comes out and thanks him, saying she just delivered a baby and couldn’t afford milk, bit he just saved her baby’s life, amazing, how did you know to come?

>Pastor’s belief in God is affirmed

The first thing I wondered is how can a woman be so poor she can’t buy a gallon of milk, and how can she live in a city and no one is able to bring the baby some milk. Also why is the pastor so cheap he left ater giving her less than $5 worth of milk? He should at least give her a hundred bucks from the church funds if she’s so desperate.

It’s an implausible story that is more likely to make you doubt the pastor and that God still does big miracles, so I don’t know why anyone tells it. Any freshman playwright could improv a more impressive miracle story in five mins.


I could tear into this story with healthy criticism (aka skepticism -by his own admission he thought it was all second hand), but it’s just too dumb to bother.


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