Why I don’t worship the economy anymore

Economic growth is a religion. I would rather have intellectual growth over economic growth after a certain point, otherwise you can get a military industrial complex, fat bankers, or consumerist slaves who replace their tv and phone every two years while funding reality shows.

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I am simply not for GDP worship. Speeches about improving the GDP are retarded once you know how GDP is calculated and start paying attention to other indicators such as health, life expectancy, infrastructure, efficiency, hours worked, education, or simply quality of life. GDP does not factor in non-paid hours such as if you spend your free time improving and increasing the size of your house, adding art, doing unpaid research, and generally not making your front lawn look like embarrassing dump to the neighbors.

GDP worship leads to statism as you try to make every single thing be captured under GDP, usually through laws and policies. Both businesses and governments worship GDP, which is a proxy for the economy.pray_to_the_suplier_1394315.jpg

Unlike any libertarians reading this, I do not pray to the invisible hand because it doesn’t exist! That is why it does not seem to answer my prayers! If that God does exist, he is an asshole because my prayers haven’t been answered– Southerners are still stupid and uneducated in the South because of the invisible hand.

Just remember that it’s a pseudo-religion every time you hear a politician rant about improving the economy, bringing more jobs, yada yada. I used to think like them, and you’ll find this rhetoric in anything by Milton Friedman or in the WSJ. I think bankers are too selfish to actually worship the economy themselves, but they would like you to since it makes you easier to manipulate.


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