Why yuri is niche

posted this in one thread and I shall post it again: not my post.

The reason why yuri is so niche is because lesbian porn is the softest. And soft pornography does not fit with Japans need to express their frustration over their unforgiving society.

I mean, if look at it, compared to the pornography industry of other countries, Japanese porn is overladen with the most bizzare stuff such as pedophilia, tentacles, bestiality, insect, rape, NTR, scat, and even guro.
Why? Because they NEED it. Japan has one of the highest suicide rate in the world and they get to keep themselves mentally safe by masturbating to the darkest stuff the world has to offer.

Either they masturbate their frustrations away…or try the second option: spend a relaxing afternoon tea with cute girls who do cute girls.
(Such is the reason why yuri is currently blossoming in the anime industry but not in porn)

The culture of pornography is different from TV culture. You gotta remember that.
The polar opposite of yuri is Netorare, which is highly abundant in pornography but is completely abysmal in ordinary tv shows

Bonus info: the west is the complete opposite of Japan in terms of porn culture. Westerners adore the softest lesbian porn
because their media culture is already dripping from zombie flicks, super hero screamings, and of course, military worship.
No need for more hardstuff.


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