Rights of Man vs the US Constitution

I’m comparing the Declaration of the Rights of Man to the US constitution.

I think the US constitution is better for atheists because of the 1st amendment. Article 10 and 11 of the French constitution has a loophole that lets religitards shut up atheists and the US 1st amendment is better. I also don’t like how article 7 has a loophole that makes it an offense for a citizen to evade or resist the law (even a bad law?!); this document is supposed to be about the rights. I do like that France makes progressive taxation and government transparency part of the constitution. (Articles 13 and 14) I don’t know how France went from practicing innocent until proven guilty into the opposite, but the aforementioned article 7 foreshadowed it.
Anyway, it’s too bad that Le Pen didn’t have a chance. She was a socialist who might have brought France back to its roots and left the EU, and she would have been better than the centrist banker Macron.


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