Crus’n Blast Inpressions

Ok so I tried Crus’n Blast, the new arcade game in the Crus’n USA and Crus’n World series licensed by a new company because the original developer, Midway, quit.

My biggest gripe is there is no brake. Stop being so casual! I’m used to swerving around Initial d style, and it feels like a game for 6 year olds when the only thing you do is hold the accelerator down aside from hitting the rocket blast button to use your 3-4 rockets once each to accelerate in the match. It felt casual as fuck for a game that has fans from 20 years ago who are comfortable driving actual cars with brakes.

Worse yet, there are only 5 short levels and ahen I got first place I didn’t even get a free continue like in older games in the series. At least I enjoyed the scripted events and the exaggerated physics, which is a lot of the appeal of this series…the T-rexes in Madagascar, and F-18s in Death Valley were fun to look at.

But this franchise has turned disappointingly cash-cow. It felt too easy to win, and the levels ended too fast per dollar. I am not at all interested in replaying any of the levels I played.

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