Kushner’s 1 billion debt; arguing morality with trumpcucks

Kushner owes 1 billion in debt for a tower bought at height of Manhatten property boom, and has talked to foreigners (Russians, Chinese, Saudis, Israelis) to try and get them to buy it. Conflict of interest level: red flag.

Trumpcucks will tell you Trump is smart because he went through bankruptcy five times and came out rich, and he’s therefore smarter than you. Ask them, “If I went through bankruptcy ten times and came out richer than Trump would I be smarter than him?”

If they say no, ask why not, and demand they explain their unlogic.

Wait for them to struggle with it, but don’t waste much time or let them get distracted with Red Herrings before advancing beyond the question. Offer to grant for the sake of argument that he’s both smart and capable of leading acountry efficiently, and then ask them to demonstrate he will use those capacities for America rather than himself. (By this I mean that you are asking for proof of his morality; while all you need to know about Trump’s morality can be gleaned from Trump university where his first reaction to hearing about the scandal was to deny it and promise to fight it vigorously in court and give nothing away. A moral person would be horrified and immediately  promise to make amends to defrauded students, even if he wanted to keep the amount from being unreasonable .)

Trumpcucks won’t offer proof and will end up stammering conspiracy theories like Scott Adams about how a persecution complex is out to hold good old Trump back. Circular reasoning. They haven’t proven he is good, or defined it, although it appears that they have an Ayn Rand sort of perspective where whenever Trump acts in his own self-interests it must be good for everyone else.

They’re immune to logic and won’t change their views, though fortunately the younger generation aren’t usually so stupid. I am of course citing the absolute unlogic that occurred in the Scott Adams vs. Sam Harris debate, though I have witnessed it firsthand with myriad other examples, and I wish I could be dismissed as exaggerating as Americans tend to do.



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