Private k-12 schools score worse than public ones

I will elaborate…
“Vouchers are in my opinion the single greatest threat to America as we know it. That is not hyperbole either.
When you look at the things that have made America great over the last 100+ years, one of the top reasons has been our ability to successfully socialize and integrate very large groups of immigrants into society. Our public education system has been a huge and underappreciated part of that.
Contrast the American public school system with many parts of Europe where they have allowed self-segregation by allowing students to attend religious schools instead of forcing all young people to go to school together.
In fact the communities we have failed the most have been where segregation remained. Specifically African-American’s.
If we break this system we will see an increase of racism and an increase of sectarian problems in America.
Vouchers should in fact be outlawed. If you leave a child’s education up to the parents, you will have unqualified uneducated people determining what is ‘true” and creating future generations of unqualified uneducated people.
This is the most pressing problem in America today.”



>The article you linked to shows that Private Religious Schools provide a better education in all regards. Also, not all Christians endorse creationism. In fact, the Catholic Church has explicitly endorsed evolution, but doesn’t mandate it’s members take a specific stance.

Obviously you haven’t dove into the study and are suffering a delusional confirmation bias. Any kind of regression analysis will show that when you account for the kids who have rich and educated white dads entering school, they would have done equally well and in fact better at a regular school. Skim the cream top and put them at a private school and they will perform well even if the class were taught by trained monkeys who teach by turning on tape recorders. However, public schools hire more qualified and effective teachers, and stick with standard curriculum better which can be measured.
Private school effectively hurts your education in America, as a general rule of thumb according to the metrics. If you send your kids to one you have done them a disservice.



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