We’d rather have a wall than a bullet train

>Here’s the funniest thing about “white genocide” fascism idiots: They use “cuck” as an insult even though they are the ultimate cucks. The very definition of fascism is getting fucked by some megalomaniac asshole on top.
>but sure, fuck a transcontinental high speed rail system like China has, let’s waste our money on a stupid fucking useless wall that benefits nobody except possibly for fetishists that feel safer when a TSA agent squeezes their balls.

>”We came with this 18 foot wall and the very next day they had 19 foot ladders” – border patrol agent


That’s great line I’ll have to use. You know I was taking an Uber from the airport and the driver and I agreed we need more trains. I said Japan built high speed trains 70 years ago, so why is it taking so damn long?

Right on the my cuckservative relative says there’s no money and she doesn’t want it to raise her taxes. The driver (who looked either Indian or Muslim) says It’s hard to tall about politics, but adds that It’s never an issue of money. We give millions to Pakistan to fund terrorists. We can’t change other people’s countries or make them think differently, or make them Christian.

He told me we could at least have busses that went everywhere, and stop frequently on every major corner and we just don’t. Even though they would be cheaper than cars and Uber drivers who can only ferry up to 4 people. Maybe even bus only lanes like in Europe (or Oregon would solve the traffic.)

My conservative relative bites her lip (because she doesn’t want to argue with a potential Muslim), but it’s obvious nothing our tag-team says will change her mind. They are immune to logic, common sense, and either thinking about the long-term or common good, or anything that contradicts their ego-orientated outlook on life. For her the state will always be the enemy, even though the State is the only thing that could possibly afford to build new railroads today.

So instead we’ll still get car rental and airline monopolies, with long waits, more stress, and less dependable transportation. There will be no 3rd option for airlines to compete with, but hey, at least we’ll get a white picket fence at the border, right?

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