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“I’ve got nothing against home schooling

I do. There is a reason why even in the most basic human cultures there are always systems in place where children are (i) integrated with other members of their age group and (ii) mentored by adults who are not their parents, often members of their extended family.

You will find this in the most remote Amazonian tribes. Public schools are not a power grab by the state, they are an the institutionalized result of a realisation that is almost as old as humanity: No culture was ever built on the idea that parents alone know what is best for their children.

Yes schools can become places of indoctrination, but they will have much harder time achieving that than private households. Home schooling is not a sign of some kind of civilizational emancipation or above-average understanding of child welfare. It is a sign of a basic misunderstanding of the purpose of a society.”


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