Miscellaneous Posts on Irreligiousity

Here are some topics I haven’t taken the time to flesh out.

  • Is this 2002 Gallup poll evidence against the idea that more education means you are less likely to be religious? Well, I ought to check if the gap still exists since atheism has been on the rise in the past few years. It would not surprise me if the business and social connections help post-graduates. Is church just a social thing for them? Are they going just because their wives are going, or because they think religion is a useful lie to perpetuate for society or for your kids?
  • Superstition in names: Mongols who have seen their kids die like to give their newborns unflattering names to prevent their infants from dying. It is not uncommon for a boy to be named “nobody,” “vicious dog” or given a female name to confuse the evil spirits and keep them from snatching him. I’m not a Mongol, but kids should be allowed to choose their own names, and it sucks that society allows parents to choose semi-permanent names which their kids must use for their entire life, and I would love to change my name to a cooler one if it wasn’t so expensive.


    A nice name for a bar in Mongolia.

  • Would you rather live in a designed universe? It would be fun to be in a universe where the natural laws gave a few heroes incredible luck. There could be immortals fighting one another for petty feuds for millenia, power ranger mechanics, or we could fight existential threads like the giant monsters rampaging through our cities instead of interal forces. There could be sudden plot twists and inexplicable phenomenon like teleportation, invisible people, and miraculous healings whenever “the gods” got bored. There would then be no doubt that the whole world could be a play put on to entertain a higher being, and if we knew how the story is goes then we could enjoy our roles knowing we were minor actors.
  • The Christian population in Korea is fervent, while atheists in Korea aren’t pressured to organize or fight back against its creeping influence on politics and school curriculum, like they are in America.


  • Wiki had an article I’m calling “former atheistic states,” which was rather misleading when I looked into the details. Many times when a president was elected for a term and tried to weaken the church or drive it out, it was put on the map, and I still don’t have any clue why Yemen is on the map. I suspect the map is mostly Christian propaganda, and attacks on Christians in that country are being used to justify putting them on the map. To be fair attempts at state atheism have not gone well, the two main examples being the USSR and the first phase of the French Revolution when they wanted to replace Christianity with an abstract Deism. Of course neither attempt lasted long – religion fights back, and the leaders decided to compromise and use organized religion as a tool for supporting their legitimacy. In the case of the USSR, Marxism optimistically asserts that religion will go away when people stop suffering under capitalism – when this didn’t happen, at least not quickly enough, Stalin decided to try to spread atheist propaganda, to curb the power of the church, and limit the power of church leaders to defend themselves in debates. World War 2 stopped the anticlericalism, because a desperate Stalin needed the support of the church to fuel patriotism, and thereafter religion was mostly tolerated.


  • I find it interesting that Albania is one of the least religious predominately Muslim countries, allegedly due to the USSR’s occupation there and opposition to religion. Even though they’re 80% Muslim, they’re more like “cultural Muslims,” in the way that being Muslim is part of your heritage. They’re more tolerant of other religions there, and the Muslims there hardly ever visit a mosque.

Sometimes the Soviets tried cool ideas and they did weaken the influence of religion even though they couldn’t eradicate it. If they had stayed and kept the course they might have wiped Islam out of Albania. Imagine if the US had let the Marxists takeover the Middle East and neuter religion?

Article 37 of the Albanian Constitution of 1976 stipulated, “The State recognises no religion, and supports atheistic propaganda in order to implant a scientific materialistic world outlook in the people”,[37] and the penal code of 1977 imposed prison sentences of three to ten years for “religious propaganda and the production, distribution, or storage of religious literature.”

Another example where they apparently weakened religion is Kyrgyzstan. I really should make a point of researching how they did it, and for how long, given that Communist governments everywhere usually relaxed their opposition to religion over time. It’s unfortunate that the Red Scare has made people associate atheism with Communism though, which can turn people against it just by association. The Red Scare certainly made Americans insert the word God on their currency, in the Pledge of Allegiance, and so on and so forth, and I remember there being a similar uptick in religiosity and patriotism right after 9/11. (Some liberals have claimed that the reactionary feeling was not truly a newfond love of one’s country, which is another interesting point to debate.)

  • Here is a list the actual religiosity of today’s europe:


It is misleading when an article says Finland or Iceland are especially atheist, when half of them believe in spirits and life forces. I strongly dislike technical atheists who aren’t skeptics to all metaphysical things. (Supposedly the Finns aren’t as newagey as the Islandic people though, maybe ‘cas they’re close to Russia, lol.)

Let me just recap that the USSR working within the axioms of Marxism believed religion would quickly die out once they overthrew capitalism, and when it didn’t, they decided to try and stamp out religion within their borders with atheistic propaganda and restrictions on clergy, etc, but when Germany invaded Stalin got desperate and mostly gave up and brought the churches back. Cuba tried to restrict religion too, but quickly gave up, and the story seems to be shared across the Communist countries. I now suspect there wasn’t enough political will to commit to an atheistic propaganda campaign, and so most of them never truly lost their religion, which is why it sprang back as soon as it became legal to admit that your family was secretly Christian the whole time. (That’s the takeaway for me- it’s either that, or Christianity has been spreading to fresh followers in China and Russia due to how poverty makes you susceptible to believing in bullshit.)

  • The Czech Republic seems to be an exception where religion might have already taken a fatal blow, but that was more because there was already a strong history of anti-clericalism and irreligiousity, due to local history and conflicts with the church, before the USSR invaded. They now might have the highest proportions of atheists (and nones), and it’s really too bad that the drawbacks of air pollution, xenophobia, rude unfriendliness, and poor service would deter me from taking an interest in ever moving there. They’re also still very superstitious. (I hope their relative rationality lets them realize they need to clean up those other issues.)Kyrgyzstan too is supposed to be unusually tolerant of non-Muslims for a Muslim country, with the secular government going so far as to try and stamp religion out of the public schools.


  • Mexico was listed as an atheist state on wikipedia because they elected atheist president and populist/socialist Plutarco Elías Calles in the 1924 and he started fighting the church.

Soon they would be joined by Enrique Gorostieta, a retired general hired by the National League for the Defense of Religious Liberty.[32] Although Gorostieta was himself a liberal and a skeptic, he would eventually wear a cross around his neck and speak openly of his reliance on God.[34][citation needed]……..

Back in Mexico, Calles’s political position became more moderate; in 1942, he supported Mexico’s declaration of war upon the Axis powers. In his last years, he reportedly became interested in Spiritualism.[37] A few months before his death in October 1945, aged 68, Calles allegedly stated that he “most certainly believed” in a higher power.[38]


Lmao, when you read about deathbed conversions you just know a Christian wrote the wikipedia article since only they really care about that shit.

  • Deathbed conversions are such a joke: priests go to suffering men to try and extort a conversion when he is at his weakest, and of course you never know if they truly converted because when you’re dead and 6 feet underground you can’t refute what people are saying about you.  You see that phenomenon with people like Hitchens- one theist wrote a book about what Christopher Hitchens said in his last years, alleging that his anti-theism weakened as he went through chemo.
  • I would like to use Thomas Paine’s words if it ever happens to me: Despite all of these attacks, Paine never wavered in his beliefs; when he was dying, a woman came to visit him, claiming that God had instructed her to save his soul. Paine dismissed her in the same tones that he had used in The Age of Reason: “pooh, pooh, it is not true. You were not sent with any such impertinent message. . . . Pshaw, He would not send such a foolish ugly old woman as you about with His message.” (He did a remarkable job btw for his day, even criticising the bible in writing while in jail – it’s too bad he a made a mistake or two in part one due to not having a bible in his jail cell, but for part 2 he did get a bible. Too bad that part 3 usually isn’t included in modern publications. I tried to get into reading it, and part 2 had some amusing absurdities, and I appreciate the “vulgar” common voice that makes it easier to read. Even so, it’s slower than modern writing, and modern scholarship with archaeology means his best guesses during textual criticism aren’t as useful now when we have more hard evidence. I love some sections of it though, including when he listed two separately lists of ancestors for the birth of Jesus in two of the gospels, thereby showing a complete mismatch- an irrevocable total contradiction.

age of reason jesus ancestry.png

  • The CEO of Facebook stopped being atheist because “religion is very important.” Not surprising for someone who sold out his friends and is kissing China’s ass. He hasn’t given any arguments either. I’m inclined to think he’s just being an opportunistic bastard again: after all, even Muslims prefer you to be Christian over being an atheist.
  •  Dawkins supported the Liberal Democratic party in the UK which is pro-EU, but is apparently against European federalism, (whatever.) He also thinks Trump supporters are idiots. His twitter feed is full of retweets of old material. Apparently the Richard Dawkins foundation had at least one scandal too, where he hired someone to do some website design and some money went unaccounted for, so I guess I’ll be leery of one more charity, not because I don’t think his agenda is a good one, but because of how it could be mismanaged. Incidentally his charity organization just merged with another atheist non-profit, that begins with a C and is based in Ameria, and so I think the Richard Dawkins foundation is no more.
  • Aron Ra makes some good speeches for evolution in his long series, and has talked about the non-Christian origins of many of their figures in the bible. He has taken heat for siding with the feminists.

    I suspected it is was because his wife is one, his advanced age, and any remaining sexism he has experienced growing up in Texas. I haven’t seen him express deep support for feminists, probably because it is divisive for atheists, which is good since he can instead focus on the message he does best.

    Thunderf00t attacked him over it once. It seems that his defense of the excesses of feminism hinges on how he defines feminism, thereby letting him separate the politics of feminists from the theoretic thing he wants to support. I personally have to be careful not to fall into his fallacy, and to acknowledge the political realities associated with words.


  • Kidnapped and Sent to Christian Bootcamp

I knew Christians send their gay kids to be abused into not being gay no more, but doing it for atheists is messed up too. (Assuming of course this wasn’t made up.)


  • Did you ever go to a Christian camp or join the cub scouts/boy scouts? The atheists have begun brainwashing kids at camp quest and it is time for a major overreaction. What are you going to do to increase the Christian brainwashing at Christian camps/the Boy Scouts?


    And what are you going to do if they start taking atheists, I mean, they’ve already been taking in gays?

  • Lol, they have a dating site for atheists. When you write a summary about yourself and you call youself atheist, xyz activist or vegan then it could sounds like you are preachy though. I’d rather not be involved with a theist, even if that leads to a cultish mentality, and yet a small website that only focuses on atheism probably would attract the especially political types which is less important to me than…you know, sexual appeal.Fullsized image


  • Divorce, fornification, and adultery law

>live in a conservative state

>can’t fuck unless you marry or you get fined and/or go to jail

>can’t fuck anyone else or you get fined and/or go to jail

>can’t divorce without potentially losing most of your money to the woman in a messy divorce under “equitable distribution.”

They must have had a good reason for not simplifying divorce right? Let’s see what it is…

“The community property system is usually justified by the pragmatic recognition that such joint ownership recognizes the theoretically equal contributions of both spouses to the creation and operation of the family unit, a basic component of civil society.[7] The countervailing majority view in most U.S. states, as well as federal law, which is based on traditional American family values and gender roles, is that marriage is a sacred compact in which a man assumes a “deeply rooted” moral obligation to support his wife and child, whereas community property, by the same token, essentially reduces marriage to an “amoral business relationship”.[8]


Stories where you find out the thing people called God has natural causes/is man made are common now. Twilight Zone had an episode that built on it called, The Old Man in the Cave, where after ww3 a village takes orders from a wise man in a forbidden cave which is revealed to be a computer. That isn’t the real twist though- the twist is that the villagers were better off having faith in it. When a skeptic encourages them to enter the cave for themselves and they see it was a computer all along, they are enraged and destroy it, and then eat radiation contaminated food the computer had told them not to. The whole village dies except for the sad “prophet” who interpreted the messages of the computer for the village because he refused to eat.

Since it was written by an atheist, it is noteworthy for exploring a situation where blind faith is what keeps people alive.

After ww3 sends the world backwards, Americans will worship eagles and make this the next sacred mountain.

  • Mary Shelly’s father seems to have been an atheist.He wanted her to get an education like a philosopher, and preferably a cynic, and I think her husband was an atheist. She seems to have not been an atheist, and her work, “Frankenstein,” is all about the struggles with religion of modern man.
  • I’m going to tell you what my religion is,” Wilder told an interviewer in 2005. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Period. Terminato. Finito… I have no other religion. I feel very Jewish and I feel very grateful to be Jewish. But I don’t believe in God or anything to do with the Jewish religion.”

    Rip: Willy Wonka actor.

  • I’m not sure what flavor of quackery the actor Will Smith believes in.

    “Smith gave $1.3 million to charities in 2007, of which $450,000 went to two Christian ministries, and $122,500 went to three Scientology organizations; the remaining beneficiaries included “a Los Angeles mosque, other Christian-based schools and churches, and […..] the Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Center in Israel.” I’ll take Hollywood’s pantheism/polytheistic personification over theism anyday. It cracks me up how many liberals reject Christianity and then go to some esoteric new age/eastern religion stuff.

  • Grandpa keeps in shape and can still kick your ass! The most obnoxious conspiracy theorists don’t deserve to be reasoned with! But sadly astronaut Buzz Armstrong was a theist who took communion on the moon during Apollo 11.bbhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OROlF8zB9z0&feature=youtu.be

Fullsized image>Atheists are just as bad as the religious people they talk about


A lot of Germans (and some French) I meet online call themselves agnostic atheists and are like that. It’s annoying and it’s a fallacy called the “Argument to Moderation.” You hear it whenever Muslim immigrants come up, and inevitably one of them makes a dumb speech about pacifism, compromising, or keeping the peace by respectfully declining to say anything about religion or politics. The worst part is these pussies often get a round of applause and voted up for saying nothing but kindergarten teacher platitudes, “Why can’t you both share your toys?” “Now now, settle down, both sport teams are just as good!”

This is a result of the Barney generation coming of age and being allowed to vote.

  • Vikings aren’t unimpressive, but they are sorta… faggots?

And I need to elaborate on that, otherwise its just a word. We can start with their Pantheon:


Odin is a gay old wizard Diety, who got ridiculed for hanging himself on Yggdrasil for Knowledge.

Even if he was manly enough to beat his brothers(Vilje og Ve), and is the head of his Pantheon with his wife, he is sorta looked down on, except for the fact he is wise.


Loki is pretty gay. From the fact he has given birth to children, transforming into women for female socialization, to a lot of the things he do. Even if he presented as villainous in the Post Christan era, he did a lot of fun things.


At first he sounds extremely manly. At second he sounds extremely manly.

Then you read his legends, and realize he was beautiful and clean enough to pass for a beauty women with some moral support(Thrymskvida).

(Post was taken from the web.)


I always find it stupid how much energy some of us waste saving mundane animals rather than helping humans. Ex: rich women join animal saving organizations and then adopt 14 cats to live with them from “kill” animal shelters. Or the videos where they have the police department in cities with ghettos come out to save some ducklings who had fallen into a storm drain following their thoughtless mother by removing the sewer grate. All ducks do is shit around the local park pool, good riddance.

Why do they go to such extremes? I think their altruism misfires? (Well, I guess maybe they don’t want to see suffering around them and we aren’t alone in this.)

  • How do you respond to the argument that some people need religion to be disciplined?


3 replies:

Even if it works for some, others turn into fanatics who can’t be reasoned with or they find religious leaders who exploid them for personal gain.

My pastor left his wife and his two kids for a younger gf. Christians don’t act that different than normal people.

Fullsized image

that’s not an argument as to why religion would be true, which is the only thing that matters as far as forming one’s beliefs is concerned. Lone children feel better believing in imaginary friends in the playground, that doesn’t make imaginary friends real.

It’s an argument for the practical utility of having some people believe in a religion; and it’s a useless argument in that domain too. Think of those children, and the fact that something is wrong with their lives and their psychology, yet according to these people, we should not provide them with real company and real changes to their lives, but a placebo that will pass as one.

I have no doubt that religion is used, among other things, to keep troubled people fall in line. That’s as depressing a reality as I can imagine, and I’m good for trying to fix it by giving people *real* reasons to behave well and getting rid of the placeholder.

They’re right, plebs and common people are morons. There may be a Philosopher-King aristocracy, but they need religion to mold the peasants to their desires.

If OP ever read the corpus of that guy in his picture, he would know he was one of the first to realise this.

  •  https://media.8ch.net/file_store/86d8dffff21ecb27c251fb299b00925fc55b0d603e3d7bf40df462eb4a725e60.png
I could believe in miracles if I were given sufficent evidence, except that miracles require a lot more evidence than regular events. Otherwise they are just expected rare occurrences (or frauds, or illusions), and there also needs to be enormous proof the alleged miracle supports the claims of a believer or the miracle can be interpretted any way and is therefore meaningless.
  • Explain Dinosaur fossils:

>Dinosaur fossils were a trick planted by Satan to sow doubt about the GLORIOUS AlMIGHTY.

Not understanding that dino fossils are God’s trick to TEST YOUR FAITH so the unworthy won’t fill up the acreage in heaven. You don’t want troublemakers in heaven, God has gotta keep them off your cloud lawn or it won’t be heaven

  • Best of apocrypha

Let’s start with Jesus turning boys into kid goats when they hid from him.


Fullsized image


-Only 32% of Portlanders identify as being religious adherent, the least in America.




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