Trump takes another step towards the theocrats, just like Hitler

” President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday that allows tax-exempt churches to more actively participate in politics “
Trump is already hijacking religion for political reasons just like Hitler, Stalin, Napolean, Regan/Bush and all the great dictators and oligarchs of history. Hopefully the Supreme court calls it unconstitutional, and in fact I think they will and this was a political move meant to appeal to his base. Now he can say he did everything he could for the evangelicals, and he can blame the judges and have more fuel as he continues to fire and replace as many judges that hate him as he can around the land.
I read a speech by Adolf Hitler which he peppered with references to God to appeal to his base. I realized from reading about how he rose that you only need 30% of the population to vote for your party at parliament, and a smaller fanatical percentage than that to militarily take over as Hitler did. I see parallels between the Alt Right and the German SA. The Republicans will copy Trump and widen the power he has opened up, using his platform and techniques, and and someone will inevitably follow Trump who is even worse and more totalitarian. It has become especially frightening and dangerous to elect Republicans.
This country is going downhill fast, and I gotta get out before the theocracy and martial law begins. The only hope left for America is if the baby boomers unexpectedly die off sooner than expected, and let the progressive and less easily brainwashed generations fix things before the Boomers finish destroying the country and ratcheting up the debt.
Of course maybe I sound alarmist and nothing will happen, but I honestly don’t care. It’s better to have a ticket out of any country just in case. Never keep all your eggs in one basket; that’s why so many Americans feel insecure all the time.

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