Some internet quotes and news

The new supreme court justice will side with churches that get direct money from the government.
Can we make flag burning a lynchable offense? I mean, Hindus lynch for stupid things like murdering cows…
The Cornstock laws and the Social Purity movement were fucking dumb:
Great troll Pz Meyers  wrote this:
And he said he’s not even a usual reader of Sam Harris which make his insight even deeper. Can you imagine how much better it would be if he had read Sam Harris more?
Sparta was a better society
Sparta did have restriction on when you could marry a girl, however this was only because King Lycurugus thought marying at the prime of your mahood prevented fine children. On the other hand he made it so that if an older man had a young wife, the older man was expected to select a young man whoose qualities he appreciate to fuck his wife so that Sparta might have healthy kids.

Spartans shared everything, even their wives, and the maidens made lovers of good and noble women.

Fedora gave a woman her eggs. I want you to do something good for someone you don’t know this week.

It’s much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.
I’m an atheist to the Christian god, I’m agnostic to Indra, and I’m a believer in the Shinto penis gods. Any god that will slap feminists who deserted us and tells them we have superior IQ SCORES is alright in my book and I won’t check for confirmation bias.
God hates emasculated people and botched circumcisions (even though he uses them to identify his chosen people):
No one who has been emasculated by crushing or cutting may enter the assembly of the LORD.
Deuteronomy 23:1

Dies thus mean that he that cuts of his dick because of colon cancer shall not go to heaven? Or back then did it mean a literal physical assembly of old testament Israelites? Either way its still bad!

Noam Chomsky said: Anything that’s totally vacuous and diverts, after all what does it mean to be in favor of .. suppose somebody asks, do you support the people in Iowa, can you say I support them or no I don’t support them. It’s not even a question it doesn’t even mean anything. And that’s the point of public relations slogans like support our troops is that they don’t mean anything, they mean as much as whether you support the people in Iowa.

Fake News can last a long time…over 2000 years. For example, the Bible, the resurrection of Jesus, and Zombies
My favorite metaphor for contemporary religion describes a teacher that is absent the full year of school, but leaves behind several books for the students to read.

At the end of the year the teacher makes a surprise visit to grade the students on the material. Those that chose the correct book have a better chance of passing, and therefore graduating. Those that studied the wrong book and fail are burned eternally by fire.

Maybe someday you’ll notice that the teacher has a baton at his thigh and school has bars in the windows for some reason. Most students ignore that because they don’t know that they’ve been convicted and they don’t know what they’ve been convicted of in the first place. Our real teacher found a way to get in and has paid the fine, or ransom rather, but since you don’t know that the school can fail you on your finals and get you to repeat the year. After all it’s the school council that chooses the books you get to study on and can put their own edits here and there if they see fit.
I’ve read that our teacher is a quite respected and influential person, maybe even a mayor, and I presume that by paying the fine he has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the school council has no legal authority to detain us whatsoever. There even might be S.W.A.T. teams all around the perimeter as I write this but then it appears to be a bit of a hostage situation so they’re forced to wait until the right moment comes.
I wish R/atheism would stop shilling the freedom from religion foundation.
It’s Sye Ten whose Youtube chanel was banned. And attacking all Muslims is bigotry according to Reddit and is against the rules or we will ban you. 7 up votes please.
We need more atheist charities like this.
Canada – 14,000 year-old village (older than Egyptian pyramids) is found in British Columbia. This is at least 4,000 years older than the earth, if you believe the creationists. This is just the 1,457,836,737 reason why creationists are wrong.

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