Philosophy: the proven cure to Theism

So is it true the fastest way to deconvert someone is to send them to a few philosophy classes? Forget about teaching your kids biology. A survey has found 70% of those leading philosophy departments are Atheists.

Philosophy probably has even more Atheists than STEM, especially if you exclude the religious studies specialty from the above 70%. Maybe we should try to make philosophy courses required on the High School curriculum to accelerate this.

Re:Doesn’t seam to work here. Philosophy classes are full of theists. The students suck it up to the profs and they get a hard on by the “great philosophers” who are theists.

stirner spooky shit.jpg

Re: Re:

Well maybe they will secretly change after they take the class. But there could be a structural problem with the classes themselves. Perhaps discussion would be more open if there was no grading, or it was objective, or done by an independent observer. I didn’t want to openly disagree with my professors either because they had some power over my future. And at high school I didn’t want to be forced to redo a class by petty autocrats who become teachers or get picked on by other students, unlike if security to speak freely weren’t an issue.

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