What do kids find cool now?

I was just thinking about the things kids found cool in the 90’s which were in turn influenced by earlier things.

Back then yo-yos and skateboards were cool, and then “hackers” thanks to the Cyberpunk fad, the sudden influx of computers, and the Matrix. Rollarblading was cool for a while. Blonde kids who were edgy and cynical were cool. What about now?

Have the same things evolved into fidget spinners and those hover board things? And what is cool attire today? Is it still Hawaiian shirts with shades, or the classic black leather motorcycle jacket? I’m not sure, but coolmess doesn’t seem to be changing that rapidly. Some kids seem to be enamored with fast talking youtube celebrities who make factoid videos or film themselves doing stupid things. Is rationality or cosmopolitan internationalism considered cool?


And what will be cool in 10 years or then in the distant future?


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