New Aircraft Carrier

Yeah we could save a ton of money by going for cheap missile platforms. Just resurrect frigates/destroyers and pile them with missiles – sometimes quantity wins, and you know China is going for quantity and is gonna overwhelm an aircraft carrier by massing dozens of disposable missile frigates, with a collective missile defense system, not to mention subs. The entire American military will also be forced to escort and protect those air craft carriers because they’re expensive, and losing one would be a huge hit to morale. It’s just not practical anymore, and the maintenance costs of moving a floating city are insane.

trump capital ship.jpg

And they’re so unnecessary when Americans have military bases in practically every country, to attack anyone from any conceivable angle, and since planes can travel further without refueling than in WW2, air craft carriers aren’t nearly as important anymore. Trump just wants to build the biggest air craft carrier ever as because he likes to build big things and possessing the most expensive capital ship ever built would stoke his ego.

>In a sense, Reuters is showing it’s hand too much. Some of us liked it more when they were only subtly liberal-leaning, but nowadays they just – albeit still respectfully – attack anything and everything Trump does.

Yes, I’ve noticed Reuters has gotten more liberal in the non op-eds ever since Trump started to take over, and I’m guessing the editors decided, “By God, people are stupider than we thought, and if we just meekly state the facts and don’t hit them over the head with common sense they won’t see the logical conclusion of where those facts lead. Forget editorial neutrality, let’s fact check every single thing Trump says, and dig up all the crap on Trump.” They’re trying to save the world so don’t hate them too much, plus Trump is profitable click-bait.

At least they’re still more objective than most newspapers.


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