Jimmy Carter

I hope former US president Jimmy Carter leaves religion altogether. He has renounced Baptist church on the grounds its sexist, and he is generally a good man with a better moral compass than most presidents, just a lousy president. Him and Regan both did the country a disservice by wearing their religion on their sleeves, for different parties.



(He wrote it on July 29, 2009)

“Jimmy was always a humanist. He was selfless and honest and did what he thought was truly right. He just wrongfully attributed those characteristics to his religion.

Its more of a great example of how if you are not a corporate mouthpiece that the powers that be will do everything in their ability to destroy your presidency.

Carter is an example of why we get lying scumbags in office. Honest politicians become hated. He is an example of one of of the best ex-presidents we ever had.

He was too honest. He couldn’t look the American people in the face and lie.” As far as I can tell, that seems fairly accurate. Americans prefer pretty lies to uncomfortable truths – that’s why they elected an actor instead. His reputation abroad was much better than his domestic one, too.”

Carter also offered insight about whether an atheist could become a president:






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