Drug Wars and Politics

How do we fix the drug wars? Seems to me if certain deadbeats in America would stop smoking coke and meth there would be no more demand, and no financing of corrupt Mexican officials or gangsters. There would be little need for a war and a clampdown assault riffle ownership and on gun smuggling.

drg wars.png
Stop telling your kids not to smoke because it’s bad for you and will ruin your life, because we know from 50 years of experience that it doesn’t work. Try telling them you’re financing gangsters who are terrorizing Mexico, kidnapping and murdering innocents, and who are establishing footholds to do the same in in America because a handful of addicts can’t buy luxury goods from them. Maybe associating drugs with feeling guilty for having a hand in the murder of civilians will work better than continuing to try to make drug users associate drugs with personal shame. Guilt trips work better than shaming on Americans.

>inb4, dude just legalize weed and it’ll stop..
Maybe it’ll help if the druggies could stop at one addiction, but it won’t stop the problem of meth and coke smuggling. And those drugs are more dangerous. (Not just to the individual, but to society when these morons fry their brains and drive, or turn violent — we can’t even prevent drunk driving, and you seriously think weed won’t lead to worse accidents?)

Honestly, we’d be much better at containing the violence if we just could stop kids from getting addicted to any of the hard drugs in the first place. At least let them stick with weed, porn, sex, beer, cigarettes, and mind-numbing video games/tv shows, since those things don’t generally kill people. But as for getting the next high when your brain gets dulled, well, we can’t allow that for an individual without taking the risk of badly hurting others.



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