Botnet conspiracy theory

When AI botnets are manipulating public emotions with retweets to boost selected tweets,  and hundreds of new news websites have sprung up for SEO, you can see traditional media and discourse fragmenting, because laymen aren’t aware of the technology. Alongside the increased prevalence of blatant lies which are believed through a cult mentality, it’s more evidence that the consensus of philosophy blogs is right about how we have entered the post-truth Era. (This link believes automated programs further further tipped the public discourse toward talking about what Trump wanted to talk about, and when a politician dominates the discussion you’ve already lost.)

Sometimes I wonder if some of the people who follow my blog and just mindlessly click “like” are actually bots. Of course I don’t know if bots influenced the election significantly, but I’ve seen plenty of evidence that bots have been used on youtube, twitter, chans, and on social media platforms, so I’m inclined to believe that billionaires would use them if they are legal and they had the chance. It was a close election, and every little bit helps.

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