What are the highest power levels conceivable? I know Haruhi can effortlessly reshape or restart the universe unconsciously to her will, and also pull in beings from other universes. The only stronger deity I can think of would be able to do the same to all universes in a multiverse.


haruhi and nagato looping.jpeg



Shut up weeb. Every anime character is a bazillion +1 stronger than the last one.


Ready for the most super contrived DC plotline ever?


Mandrakk the Vampire Monitor created the DC Multiverse, which includes the real world (Earth-Prime) for fun, just to see what would happen. He then saw it was boring and entered the multiverse under the guise of two opposing characters, The Anti-Monitor, the ultimate big bad of the DCU, and his good counterpart, The Monitor. In 1985, there were infinite universes in the DCU, and The Anti-Monitor ate them one by one until there were only five left. The real world was one of the universes he ate. And yes that doesn’t make sense. That’s how powerful he is.

In 2005, the Superman from the real world (we didn’t know about him because our world was destroyed right after he discovered his powers), the original Superman from Action Comics #1, the son of the good Lex Luthor from the backwards universe, and a superintelligent venusian worm mutated by chonral energy, remade a bunch of the universes, including the real world, filling in the 20 years of history when they didn’t actually exist.

A couple years later, Mandrakk came back, realizing that he was actually powered by the bleed, which is the space between universes in the multiverse, and also is the space between comic panels. He then figured he might as well try to bleed it dry to become more powerful. In short, he’s the editor in chief of the DCU. He then tried to turn all of existence, including the real world, into nothingness. He would accomplish this in different ways in different universes. In the real world he’d do it by going outside of the multiverse, finding the book, and rewriting the ending so that he won. By doing this the readers would lose hope, and if they have no hope, they’ll give up and lose their will. It was previously established by other DC stories that if someone has no will then they are effectively not alive. They’re just mindless drones. If nobody is alive then nobody is around to witness anything, so does anything really exist?

Mandrakk erased Superman from existence, but the book of course exists outside of its own existence, so Superman found it and rewrote the ending to vaguely say they all live happily ever after, and wrote himself back into the story. He then accomplished his happy ending by fusing with his evil antimatter counterpart, Ultraman, to become the pure essence of Superman, AKA, the very idea of hope, imagination, and life (because we’ve previously established that imagination = life). This essence was housed in a robot body made by the other Monitors (who Mandrakk had since become far more powerful than, by deliberately sucking the life out of the multiverse). This body was a mechanical device made out of plot (a literal plot device), called The Superman Thought Robot. So The Superman Thought Robot kicked the shit out of Mandrakk and turned him into nothingness, which would still help him accomplish his goal, since the Thought Robot and the essence of Superman inside it died in the process. This means hope and life died, and Mandrakk would have accomplished his goal, except Superman managed to stop the readers from losing hope by writing “To be continued…” on his own gravestone with his dying breaths.


Superman appeared in the 31st century due to the crisis warping space and time throughout the multiverse, and made a wish on the futuristic Miracle Machine, a previously established concept that takes untold energy to power and untold computational power to make it work. Superman teamed up with Brainiac 5 and used his own Super Speed thinking to figure it out. He then powered it with his own life force, and made a wish to have a happy ending. Mandrakk’s plan could still work if his avatar, Darkseid, the personification of evil, fulfilled his plan to turn everyone on Superman’s Earth (which has been the lynchpin of the multiverse since it was used to save the remaining five universes in 1985) into mindless slaves. Darkseid was already dead the entire time, killed by his own son as prophecised, but his ghost was just as powerful, so Batman sacrificed himself to shoot him with the God Bullet taken out of Darkseid’s son’s own body when they killed each other, and then The Flashes all teamed up to help the personification of death for the gods catch Darkseid’s ghost’s ghost, but it wasn’t enough, since being dead has already been shown to be no problem for Darkseid. So Superman sang at the exact opposite of Darkseid’s vibrational frequency to erase him from existence. But Darkseid is a fundamental concept of existence (evil) and the multiverse needs him to exist. But luckily Superman made that wish on the Miracle Machine, which revived Darkseid and the rest of the Gods that he had killed but sent them back to their own universe where they were relatively benign.

So basically I say the strongest characters I can think of are either Mandrakk or Superman. And Superman managed to win, but largely through cunning rather than raw power, so idk if that counts as making him more powerful or not.

Basically, Darkseid is about how gods and religion turn people into mindless slaves, and Mandrakk is about how Darkseid isn’t even real, and the guy who writes him and actually wants him to win is even worse.




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