Life without backyards or parks

When you don’t have a back yard, you tend to desire a park. When neither is sufficiently large, pleasing, free or relaxing, the suburbite tends to venture into the city and waste money on anything that gives some relaxing, some joy of life, a sense of change, or wonderful inspiration. That’s why coffee and tea shops have gotten so popular, as a third place when we are choked for a place to go.

Isn’t it sad? All we want is a garden where we can try planting new things, a sense of wilderness where we can have encounters, and a piece of solitude. Marketers cater to that need, and we get used to going to coffee shops or exploring shopping malls where we are continually tempted to spend money for any satisfaction.

Lately I’ve began to glorify libraries. I might not be getting my exercise, but if I can’t physically explore the local world and discover new things, I can still find rewards in a book. A quiet study hall, a desk with sufficient light and no distractions, while I strain my mind to focus only on the intellectual realm.

Our world would be so much better if we choose as a community to expand our parks and libraries. Picture if we threw all our living rooms together and made a community center with arcades, ball floors and sofas to lounge at, with the best movie screens. If we combined each of our libraries and catalogued them, the local library would expand by orders of magnitude, reaching amazing completion and touching on all the obscure issues. If we put all our green space together without fencing it off, we could take amazing strolls for miles through our shared parks, and maybe community gardens. But I think if liberals really cared about those things we would already have them, and it’s the socialists who care most about community driven sharing.

I really wish we had good community centers, and places we could be proud of! You cannot find a sense of identity to your town in most of our suburbs, and I know from literature that many of us grow up feeling disconnected when we live in these soulless, boring places. A subburb is the worse of two worlds – a city without monuments, a town without community, a place without bustle, a place without wilderness. It makes you selfish, sequestered, a uninspired and close minded. How do fiction writers or stay sane in these places?! They go to Starbucks and then walk to the library….only introverts obsessed with non-physical things can survive for long in the deserts of suburbia.


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