Starbucks coffee sucks

Today I’m not writing about religion. I’m just pissed I wasted money, because the Starbucks employees ruined my green tea latte twice! I’m not usually picky, but this time it was just undrinkable. So much so that I went back and complained that it was burnt and tasted like milk with no flavor except the burnt leaves, and I asked them to remake it, except it still tasted EXACTLY THE SAME. I tried to drink it, but it was so bad I soon just walked out and poured the whole glass into the grass, and vowed not to go back to Starbucks. This isn’t the only time they’ve fucked up my coffee, and I’m tired of overpriced, watered down coffee where all you can taste is the creme, and frequently burnt leaves.

I would rather have an asian milk tea these days, even if it was the same price. Plus the store is loud due to the cheesy hipster music, coffee grinders, and tons of white people who sit there forever on their laptops and textbooks spread over the desks as they sip in silence, only sometimes talking to whoever they brought along-the ANTI-THESIS of the political conversation filled coffee shops and cafe philosophes which the Starbucks CEO meant to copy! It’s not just watered down coffee, it’s a watered down culture-as always,watered down ideas are what comercialism pushes off as novelties to the dumb majority. (We see that in Indie games too, when someone copies Warcraft mods or Harvest Moon clones and sells LOL, or Stardew Valley, or floppy bird)

I think I’ve vowed not to go there before, since it’s overpriced, but today I was lazy. But this time will be different, because the coffee was lousy too! May this post let me remember my vow! Every time I am tempted to netray myself, remember the image of pouring that green sludge into the green grass, remember the indignation, and get your revenge by boycotting the worst coffee you’ve had in your life!


Tl;dr version: I have discovered a unique and comfy Vietnamese coffee house that sells Kudzu tea and all sorts of weird varieties at a lower cost. Starbucks coffee sucks and is overpriced and they build the same damn store everywhere, with the profits going toward billionaires. If you are not supporting cool mom and pop shops like that then you are my political enemy, and the enemy of the America that I want to create!


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