Tips for Leaving Silver as Lulu (League of Legends)

(Written for Season 6, August 2016)

My tips for Leaving Silver as Lulu (League of Legends). (Aka things I figured out, in case I ever want to get back into the game and forget how to play like Gold.)

Lulu is my main sup because she is fine in almost any match up, even against blitz or Karma who supposedly counter her. You either poke like crazy, or stay behind your adc and save spells/mana if it’s dangerous. You just hold your cursor over the ADC ready to shield and use Q to give distance, and keep the whimsy for when the ADC Tristina, mid Kat, (or diving sup Thresh) tries to jump in with the damage. Buy twin shadows, sights tne, and Solari for every game, and spam every single item before the team fight ends.

No matter how squishy she is, you can always hide behind someone and cast your spells from a distance in a team fight. So she’s great for staying alive, unlike a tank sup, and since she’s fast you can rescue people a lot with peels instead of being dead. I think she’s one of the better supports to climb the ladder with once you know the mechanics.

But never play her in Bronze because no one knows how she works, and your timing is never on the same page. No one dives or keeps fighting even if you have shielded them and can polymorph the enemy ADC.

Problems in Silver

What still sucks in Silver is when your ADC doesn’t understand you’re a poke champion that does no dmg, and need to gradually wear down the opponent’s HP before you engage in lane. So you’re poking and Vayne or Tristina decide to go full in against a Jinx or something before level 6. Or if you get caught, the Vayne doesn’t understand you can usually escape with E/Q/W/R + flash + exhaust, and decides to jump in and tank damage, sacrificing his life for the support. Or he automatically engages when he hits level 6 (and you’re not), or most of those are on cooldown.

See why I hate Vayne? Vayne is my most dreaded ADC pairing because you never know how they’re gonna do. They either feed a lot, or get fed but you can hardly control it. That and they’re utterly useless until late game, unless they feed in which case they’re totally useless all game. Protecting them is boring when they’re just farming, but Vayne is one of the most vulnerable ADC. And they often ignore your warning pings/recall now messages, but try to tell you what to do even if they’re feeding. And they love to press R and fight 2 or 3 people alone, even though you tell them to not engage until you get there in 10 more seconds.

So if my ADC suckes in lane, I often decide to leave the ADC to mindlessly farm bottom while I protect the (usually more fed) APC during teamfights. I’m more useful in teamfights anyway. But maybe it’s because I lose faith in my ADC easily that I’m only Gold 5? I can’t say for sure if I’m doing the right thing.

My favorite ADC to lane with is probably Silvir. Even if I miss a shield, an average Silver will hit E enough that they’ll stay at high HP and with our Qs and range we can poke them like crazy. Caitlyn is also great because you can leave her with a few wards, and go help the Jungler or middle with something, and because of her traps, net, and sit-in-the-back playing style, she can usually escape unless she ignores your pings and pushes way too far.


A note on warding:

Always have a vision ward until you get sweeper or oracle (at level 9/after sightstone.) The vision ward lets you draw people away from places, and helps when sweeper is on cooldown.


Avoid warding bushes when you’re by yourself, unless you have all your stuff on cooldown. Try to shield before approaching an unknown bush- the extra hp might be just enough to keep you alive long enough to flash out if you’re combo’d.  (Q’ing the bush isn’t great because technically they can dodge it and you won’t know they’re waiting.)


A note on staying alive:

Try to stay behind your adc, but also try to take some damage during team fight since it’ll effectively save the squishies from taking more damage, and if you live, you’ll recover it anyway. In general, regardless of who you’re playing the most important thing in this game is to not die. As long as you’re alive, you’re still useful to the team. (And if you’ve managed to get a few kills as a support, it’s even more important that you stay alive so you don’t give away gold when you die, and less important that you die protecting the ADC.)


Notes on self-sacrifice

If you’re ganked, your ADC is dead, the enemy ADC is under the turret, and you are definitely gonna die, consider dying to ADC before the Jungler hits you and gets gold for an assist. In general be prepared to sacrifice yourself to save people, (but try to survive!)
I love it when a blitz grabs you instead of a squishy. Hit R first and if you’re fast enough the whole team will be knocked up. Then spam all your spells. Hopefully they’ll waste all of their spells on you, and the team will kill them.

Aim high

Try to get an S every game. Try to get a better KDA than the enemy support every game, and to keep your ADC’s KDA up. When you’re determined to win when you start each and every game, you’ll climb the ladder faster.Tell yourself you’re going to be above average, and carry. If you enter with the mindset of winning some and lose some, you won’t win as much.

Carrying as the Support

Ping like crazy! Watch the minimap for everyone, because while you sit in the back of the lane you have more time, and there’s not much else you can do. You have to keep your eyes peeled for everyone, as the Jungler does, because the other players are busy last hitting and stuff. It’s also vital that you ward, because if you ping and when they look they don’t see the anymore enemy, they will often hesitate, and still be ganked.

Call dragons. Issue orders. Since everyone is busy, you generally know the game better than average, and should know when to take objectives better than anyone else.

Try not to do an even 2 on 2. Wait until your jungler/mid appears to make it a 3 on 2 (besides, you don’t know if their mid or jungler is waiting behind them.)
Rule of Threes

Whenever you see 3 enemies, RUN! Even if you’re under a turret. True, a Lulu with all her spells up can sometimes bait them, tank, and kill them all under the turret, but that’s only if they all have low HP, mess up/have bad coordination. Against a tank it’s impossible.

Even against two enemies, a full HP Lulu with ready reflexes can’t hold the turret for more than one volley + dive. At the end of that, she’ll be so damaged that she has to retreat.

Of course, if someone gets really fed, then this will become the Rule of Two, or Rule of 1!

Timing and Opportunities

Likewise, whenever you see the support has ran off and left his ADC alone, it’s time for you to attack the ADC. This is why watching the minimap matters. If you watch it enough, you can predict where the Jungler/mid are, (by knowing what objectives they would want) and by knowing how long it takes for them to get around, you can estimate how far they are from getting to places. That lets you know how long your window of opportunities are.

When to Dragon

  • If the Jungler is gone, and the enemies are far enough away, low HP, the dragon area is dewarded, and they’re unaware you’re dragoning, you can usually sneak there and take dragon.
  • If it’s warded, but they’re weakened (and/or) far away, and so you still think you can get it, place wards around it and try to block them from getting close.
  • If it’s warded and the enemy has a long-range character that can steal (Jinx/Jihn), stand between them and the dragon. Sacrifice yourself if necessary to make sure you get it. Btw, you will never ever steal the dragon or land the last hit as Lulu. Although doing constant DPS with your autos matters, unless you’re trying to dragon quickly your focus should be on protecting the Jungler with smite, and keeping the other team from stealing by polymorphing their jungler or APC.
  • Preemptively approach the enemy (who are approaching) and polymorph a second before a Cat or Malz, etc try to jump in/approach the Dragon at the critical moment when the dragon is about to perish. (This is why you need to ward the other side of the dragon pit, etc.)
  • Never dragon if all of the other team are around, and above all if it’s warded. You’ll just weaken yourself, and they’ll inevitably steal the dragon. Ping like crazy to lessen the chance of your teammates doing it anyway. (Same goes for early Barons.)
  • I don’t totally get when to go for the Elder Dragon. But the Elder Dragon has a lot of HP, so you definitely shouldn’t attack it unless you’ve essentially aced the enemy team. Even at high levels the Elder dragon will destroy about half of your team’s HP after about 30 seconds, so it’s easy for someone who has warded the dragon (or predicted your attack), to wait for you to become low, and then kill you and take the Elder dragon. Psychologically, your team will not want to leave the Elder Dragon after wasting so much time on it, so the jungler will keep hitting it until right before he dies.

It’s a noob trap, just like the early level barons/ unwarded baron attempts.

September Update:

Now that I leveled up again I’ll give a few more tips. Watch the mini-map constantly and always know where someone is; ping any movement. Don’t ward when it’s not safe; put the wards in a less dangerous place and go warding when no one is around because it’s not worth dying to leave wards. With sweeper, twin shadows, wards, and a careful eye on the mini-map, you shouldn’t get ambushed in the jungle without knowing someone was there. But I think I should just quit playing lol now lol.




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