“Please God, our church wants you to alter your perfect plan”


Fun fact, you can make a ton of money by offering to pray for people. ‘Cas more voices praying means God is more likely to hear you right? The worst offenders are the Catholics who pray for the president, the pope, the whole world, and for the souls of the dead so that they may leave limbo and go to heaven rather than to hell (assuming they haven’t thrown away enough parts of the bible to have abolished hell!)

Isn’t it silly that people think that God has a perfect “grand plan”, and yet by praying they can safely alter his grand plan? It’s selfish really, and as a theist I originally tried not to pray for big things or very much because of that. It was when I started praying for big things and I didn’t get so much as a miracle or an unambiguous divine answer like “I got your prayer and the answer is no” written by ants on the pavement or mail delivered by doves, that my doubts accelerated and brought me towards truth.

I can only hope that when kids pray for someone to get better at a hospital and it doesn’t happen, that they begin to question their own religion rather than to embrace it in hopes of seeing someone again.


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